Texas Man Evicted For Not Paying Government Mandated “Rent” On His Own Property


by Dawn Luger, Activist Post:

A 79-year-old man in Texas was forcibly evicted from a home he’s owned and lived in for decades.  He was thrown out for not paying to rent his own property from the government.

Property taxes are nothing more than rent demanded by the king for the privilege of allowing you to continue to live on land and in a house you already own. But instead of fighting this horrific display of slavery, people actually followed their master’s orders and evicted an elderly man from his property for not paying his rent.

“Billie McGruder will be 80 years old next month. He has lived in the house his parents bought in the 1930s for decades, but he was evicted Friday,” reported My Palm Beach Coast. “McGruder’s possessions, including his furniture, clothes and photographs were scattered on the front yard” by those “just following orders.”

“Your neighbors see you get put outdoors in the middle of the morning,” McGruder told WFAA. “It’s mind-boggling.”

The master’s government’s records show Tarrant County officials seized McGruder’s home over not even $6,000 in unpaid taxes and then auctioned it off to a real estate company for $38,000, KTVT reported.

The absurdity of taxation (in all forms) can be summed up in the video below:

Anthony Drake Jr., who is a neighbor of Mr. McGruder’s, said he is storing some of the older man’s prized possessions – the ones not stolen from him by his master the government. Drake told WFAAthat he grew up on the street where McGruder lived and that it is tough to see him evicted. “As long as he don’t have a home, he has one here,” Drake told WFAA. “This is the only grandfather I know. Yeah, it’s hard.”

McGruder’s home was sold on Jan. 2, 2017, at auction. That’s right; the master the government who claimed the right to McGruder’s property because he refused to be stolen from sold it even though it was not theirs to sell.  This isn’t a difficult concept, yet many still vehemently defend taxation as if it is anything other than theft, and therefore immoral. Tarrant County Precinct 8 Constable Michael Campbell told WFAA that McGruder had a chance to contest the eviction. Well isn’t that kind? The master giving one of its slaves the right to protest being stolen from. (Insert “eye rolling” emoji.)

“He had an opportunity to file a legal challenge to the writ,” Campbell told the television station. As if that somehow gives Campbell the moral right to steal property from someone else.

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