SHTF: If you are well prepared, you will become an instant target of the non-prepared


by Jayson Veley, Natural News:

Being prepared for a SHTF scenario can literally mean the difference between life and death, not just for you, but for you family and loved ones as well. That being said, however, being prepared for a large-scale crisis also has a downside: you will become an instant target of the non-prepared. They will want what you have, and they become desperate, there is little that they wouldn’t do to get their hands on your food and supplies.

Thankfully, as explained by, there are a number of steps you can take in order to minimize the chances that you and your family will be attacked by somebody or a group of people that were not prepared for SHTF.

Don’t become a target
One of the best ways to avoid detection both before and after a large-scale crisis is to board up your windows and keep your lights off at night. It’s important to realize that when you leave your lights on after the sun goes down, you are creating a beacon that will draw attention to not only the house itself, but also to everyone – and everything – inside. Another step that you can take involves forming a close relationship with your neighbors and the people that live nearby. As previously mentioned, in a SHTF situation, desperation will cause people you thought you could trust to do some extraordinarily evil things, and they won’t think twice about breaking into your home if it means their survival. That’s why working to form a unified community before SHTF can help minimize the chances that you will become a target of the non-prepared. also stresses the importance of keeping your home physically unattractive to potential looters. A home that has an extravagant fortress on the backyard with stone walls and locked gates will immediately become a target because looters will think that something valuable is being guarded. “By comparison,” Preppers Gab explains, “a house that doesn’t look like much, is overgrown in the yard, and has every appearance of having already been ransacked a time or two, is far less likely to attract attention.”

Firearms skills for personal defense
When SHTF, you and your loved ones will be forced to live in a lawless society whether you are ready for it or not. In the even that you have to directly deal with a threat that’s trying to break into your house, the single best tool that you could ever have at your disposal is a firearm. Having a gun in your home (or, better yet, attached to your waist) is great for personal self-defense, because especially in a world where the rule of law no longer exists, you never know when you will need to use lethal force.

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