Pelosi gives strange lecture during press conference: ‘Don’t stick peas up your nose’


by Kyle Olson, The American Mirror:

Nancy Pelosi was asked about the Trump administration about illegal alien children being separated from parents when they cross the border, and that caused her to launch into a stem winder of a response, which ended with some bizarre parenting tips.

The House Minority Leader was asked for her reaction to House Speaker Paul Ryan statement that he doesn’t support separating families, and if she thinks legislation is the best way to stop that.

Calling the policy “barbaric,” and ignoring the fact that the Obama administration did similar things, Pelosi said, “Do they have any idea of the impact on children, on families? Prob— Well, maybe they do, maybe they don’t care.”

She continued, “Never mind these moms took these children to escape possible death, rape, gang violence where they lived and they have no alternative.”

Pelosi claimed Republicans said they know how to parent the children bet“This is not normal,” she declared.

“In fact, it’s barbaric. It has to stop.

“Now, what they’re saying is, well, we’ll find a way not to separate them. One of their ways not to separate children is not to let them even seek asylum, which is a right that people have in the world–to seek asylum. So that’s not a solution,” she said.ter than the actual parents, before citing a professor who appeared at an event organized by Democrats.

“Think of the stress of these children,” she said. “You take a baby away from a nursing mother. You tell someone you’re going to give the baby a shower or a bath and then they take the baby, put them in a car seat and drive them away.

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