OMG WATCH THIS: As The G7 Bickers In Canada Watch Xi Give Putin The ‘Highest State Honor’ & A MASSIVE Gold Necklace


from Silver Doctors:

Presidents Xi Jinping and Putin are making things happen as the G7 bickers in Canada, and the gold Xi just gave Vladimir is eye-popping…

We have been hammering over and over and over about the ongoing power shift from West to East, which also includes gold moving from West to East, which the West gladly ships over at artificially suppressed prices to support the U.S. dollar hegemony.

The greatest con in history.

What a shame.

But the power shift is on, and China and Russia are the new kids on the block.

Some examples of this transitioning world power and spheres of influence include the creation of Eastern institutions and programs such as:

Belt and Road Initiative
Shanghai Gold Exchange
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Not only that, but we keep getting reports of a Chinese Gold-Backed Yuan and a Russian Silver Rouble, both in the works.

Now, before anything else, and without further ado, just check this out:

Pretty cool huh?

Gold matters.

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