Obama aide Ben Rhodes laments government can’t ‘edit’ Facebook posts to delete ‘fake news’


by Kyle Olson, The American Mirror:

Donald Trump saved America from Obama’s totalitarian utopia.

The latest example of what his regime could have had in store for us came today, as former Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes lamented the fact that the government can’t edit an individual’s Facebook post that some bureaucrat deems “fake news.”

Appearing on MSNBC — his new cable news home — Rhodes said of the government, “We can’t edit people’s Facebook feeds and say ‘That’s fake news and that’s not.’

“And what worries me today, Andrea, is we still don’t have a lot of capacity, and, frankly, our government is probably not doing anything to prevent and so the likelihood that the Russians are going to do this again in the midterm elections and the next presidential election is very high,” he said.

So Rhodes wants the federal government to be able to “edit” Facebook posts in the name of national security and election integrity?

Good bye, freedom!

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