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WASHINGTON – Maybe President Trump accomplished something else for which he does not get credit.

After the president shamed the Democrat-run city of Chicago as a place of rampant crime, gang violence, shootings and murder, Mayor Rahm Emanuel had enough.

So, the city hired more police, deployed them differently and added technology to alert police to gunfire even before 911 is called.

The result?

52 fewer murders in 2018 through than in the same period in 2017
229 fewer shootings 2018 through May than in the same period 2017
May 2018 saw fewer murders and shootings than in May 2017 – a drop from 58 to 46
Shootings in May 2018 were down 5 percent over May 2017
The 650 murders in 2017 may seem shockingly high, but not compared with 771 in 2016

The city known for its strict anti-gun laws doesn’t see the irony of bring violence down with more hired guns.

“This is a Trump-free zone,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel told CNN this week. “We have facts. What matters … is what happens on the street. We’re making progress. We’re not where we need to be but (what) we do have is a strategy that generally people buy into.”

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Aside from the additional armed personnel on the street, a technology called ShotSpotter has been deployed.

“ShotSpotter is probably key to that to what we’re doing here,” the department’s No. 2 man, First Deputy Superintendent Anthony Riccio, said of technology that detects gunfire and often notifies officers before 911 is called.

“Officers get that notification right away to cell phones that they have in their cars and they’re able to respond to those areas.”

Not everyone has noticed the change, however.

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