Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Preparation for Survival


by Sarah Latimer, Survival Blog:

What does it mean to survive? Obviously, humans have survived countless natural and man-made disasters and continue to survive and thrive on planet earth. However, in this blog, we are focusing on surviving a SHTF situation.

We Prepare
All around us we see our freedoms being eroded and many of our systems being corrupted. So we prepare. But for what? So many scenarios could play out– a false epidemic, fires (natural or man made), SWAT teams in the early hours in small communities where they can knock out power and cell, preventing us from spreading the alarm. And, there are so many more possibilities.

Three Most Critical Areas of Preparation

The three most critical areas of preparation are rarely discussed. These are mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Why These Areas of Preparation Are Important

Why are these areas of preparation so important? It’s because, at our core, that is all we truly are. Our body is a vehicle we use. It needs sustenance, warmth, and protection. Al of that we need to be mentally and emotionally strong to achieve.


We can buy food, store water, own guns and ammo, have sufficient medical needs and even camping gear. However, if we are not knowledgeable on many fronts, we are ill prepared. Not only is it important to know how to use what we have but also how to place it for maximum security and use.

Let us look at the fires in California last year as an example. Aerial views show whole neighborhoods reduced to rubble. There has been speculation that it may have been done with a laser-directed beam from an airplane. Regardless, if you had been in such a situation, all of your physical prep would have gone up in smoke. Are you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready for such an outcome?

Loss of Life

And what of loss of life? In a SHTF scenario, people will die, even people you love. Grief will blind you as well as derail your ability to cope, which is why the military train so intently.

During one of the World Wars, psychologists wondered about the men who repeatedly ran back in to save others. They surmised it was because of being raised in poverty or strained conditions. However, they were wrong. In fact, those who went back in came from intact, well to do homes and were loved and well educated. Strong mental and emotional lives gave them the tools they needed to survive and still help others.

World Wide Web

Today, we have access to so much free material on the world wide web. This allows you to provide yourself with a wide range of knowledge in an assortment of disciplines., is such a place. There are countless others as well as free courses in carpentry, sewing, and of course cooking in a wilderness setting. Map reading and proper use of compass.

A Mindset That Can Shift Gears

To be able to have a mindset that can shift gears in a changing environment and makes use of whatever you find around you is a true survival tool. I am a big fan of the original McGyver show. I loved that he had such a broad range of knowledge to pull from and could improvise on the sly.

Part of that mind set is to break from the masses of which a large part are dependent on the government, experts, or technology. All of these can paralyze us from acting, or force us to act recklessly, such as in a pandemic situation where staying in place is better and safer then fleeing. To stay put in the face of the unknown and potential life threatening situation, takes strong emotional control and a deep faith, not only in a higher power, but your own knowledge and supplies.

There are so many programs and videos online that teach you how to survive in different terrains as well as locations, such as urban or rural or mountainous or desert. Learning situational awareness as well as intelligence gathering and analysis.

Bug Out Bag

Keeping a bug out bag in your car that has the most basic of needs, should you have to leave in a hurry. It is an essential item. Items in the bag should have the greatest range of uses should it be all you have.

Secondary Locations

Using intelligence gathering, you know which locations apart from yours that would be secondary locations. Maybe a handful of close family or friends buys a storage facility in the secondary zone and you each store back up material.


Find off-the-path locations and bury supplies on the route, including weapons. Doing this act of caching, as an insurance against some scenarios, takes some of the stress off a sudden change in circumstances.

Mental and Emotional Strengths

Being able to stop and breathe through the fear, to rely heavily on a higher power, to shift gears at a moments notice, to think through a scenario to see a clear path, to stay put when your fight and flight response says flee– these are mental and emotion strengths you will greatly need.

The Spiritual

And what of the Spiritual? As a death survivor, I know both sides of the divide. My inner strength and my unwavering convictions, my deep and abiding confidence in Spirit, are the bedrock foundation upon which all else is built. Jesus did not tell us to have faith IN God, but instead to have the faith OF God. That small word makes all the difference.

There will be times when you will want to just give up. Here is when the Spiritual foundation truly kicks in. I remember many times when I was a new mom and I would ask my mom this or that, some days wanting to quit. She would say, “Just wait a day before deciding anything.” It took a while to get what she was saying.

Practice Meditation

Begin today to practice meditation. Jesus said to seek the kingdom first and that the kingdom is within. So spend even five minutes listening and going within. Like any muscle, it will strengthen with use. Soon you will find that it will become easier and will be the greatest resource you have.

The Psychotic

Not Far Enough

In the TV program The Walking Dead, many people stopped watching it because of the violent actions of the bat wrapped with barbed wire character. They felt it went too far. In fact, it did not go far enough. In a SHTF scenario, the psychotic will be out in force. They will kill for the sheer pleasure of it.

It is easy to sit in your comfortable home and feel safe. You have your gear, and so in your mind all is well. Reality will surprise you. During his time at Valley Forge, George Washington was given three visions. In the last, he was shown the nation as it is today. He was told the last attack on the Republic would be the worst and many would die. No watering it down. Just straight up many will die.

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