Lehman Crisis event management – Jim Willie Interview


by Chuck Ochelli, Chuck Ochelli:

Somebody needs to go to jail and stop writing books. Eurasian trade zone. The impending collapses of German and Italian banks are the dominos waiting to tumble.

Where does this leave the US in light of latest tariffs, where’s the trade war going? Italians will handle things their way.

Where has all the stolen gold gone? Asian and Russian trade will be something to behold. Jim talks a little about weed.

EU is separating but will that mean better deals for the UK or not? Jim thinks Trump is going to fix up the crumbling infrastructure in the U.S. Guess we’ll see.

How high will oil go before the petrodollar rug is pulled out from under the system? Jim also outlines Trump 2020 campaign strategy.

Who is currently stockpiling gold, It appears as though proxies buyers are snatching up physical supplies while the price of gold is not moving as it should.

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