Kaspersky Lab Cuts Ties With Europol Over EU Branding Its Software “Malicious”


from Sputnik News:

The European institution’s action comes in the wake of previous bans on Kaspersky lab by the American and Dutch governments, particularly over the claims of Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 US elections. These accusations have repeatedly been denied by Moscow as baseless, and no evidence of Russia’s involvement has ever been provided.

Kaspersky lab anti-virus provider stated on Wednesday, that it was cutting ties with Europol and other European projects following a controversial EU parliamentary vote.

We have protected the EU for 20 years, working with law enforcement leading to multiple arrests of CYBERCRIMINALS. Based upon today’s decision from the EU Parliament, we are forced to freeze our cooperation with orgs including @Europol & #NoMoreRansom,” the company CEO, Eugene Kaspersky wrote on Twitter.

The motion, A8-0189/2018, adopted by the European Parliament on Wednesday, included calls on EU states to revise the software and equipment they use in order to exclude and ban those confirmed to be malicious. Despite the fact, that the document was “advisory-level,” and thus had no binding force, Kaspersky lab felt slighted because it was specifically mentioned by name as being “malicious” software.

“Although this report has no legislative power it demonstrates a distinct lack of respect for the company which has been a firm friend of Europe in the fight against cybercrime,” a Kaspersky spokesperson added later.

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