Jordan Peterson: Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids


by Jacob Airey, The Daily Wire:

In the latest video from PragerU, Toronto University clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson warns parents that “dangerous people are teaching your kids.” The prevalence of “post-modernists” in academia, Peterson explains, has resulted in students being taught radical ideas, including a general disdain for Western civilization and a form of nihilism based in the belief that all truth is subjective.

“You may not realize it, but you are currently funding some dangerous people,” Peterson says. “They are indoctrinating young minds throughout the West with their resentment-ridden ideology. They have made it their life’s mission to undermine Western civilization itself, which they regard as corrupt, oppressive and ‘patriarchal.'”

He continues, “If you’re a taxpayer, or paying for your kid’s liberal arts degree, you’re underwriting this gang of nihilists. You’re supporting ideologues who claim that all truth is subjective; that all sex differences are socially constructed; and that Western imperialism is the sole source of all Third World problems. They are the post-modernists, pushing ‘progressive’ activism at a college near you.”

He explains how these teachers, professors, and faculty are facilitating violent protests against anyone who might have an opinion that they pronounce dangerous.

Dr. Peterson explains, “It’s now possible to complete an English degree and never encounter Shakespeare, one of those dead white males whose works underlie our ‘society of oppression.'”

He adds, “To understand and oppose the post-modernists, the ideas by which they orient themselves must be clearly identified.”

Peterson breaks down these progressive teachers’ ideology, the tactics in implementing them, and how they are rooted in the teachers of Karl Marx, the co-author of “The Communist Manifesto.”

“The corrupt ideas of the post-modern neo-Marxists should be consigned to the dustbin of history,” says Peterson. “Instead, we underwrite their continuance in the very institutions where the central ideas of the West should be transmitted across the generations.”

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