INTERVIEWS Swedish political leader: What you read about Sweden in alternative media is true, we are in a low-intensive civil war


from Voice Of Europe:

Gustav Kasselstrand is the leader of the newly founded Alternative for Sweden party (Alternativ för Sverige). He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Gothenburg and an MBA from Aalto University in Helsinki (Finland). He also studied in Germany and Singapore. Kasselstrand is 30 years old and has been politically engaged since 2006, when he joined the Sweden Democrats, which at that time was a small party with a support of 2-3% in the polls.

-Why did you leave the Sweden Democrats?
As a matter of fact I was excluded from the Sweden Democrats back in 2015, when they expelled not only me as a chairman, but the whole youth organisation with its 5000 members. It was a witch hunt by the party leadership in order to secure their own power and positions in the party, but of course they did not say that but instead argued with typical PC mumbo jumbo that the youth league was “extremist”.

Everyone could see it was nonsense. It just proved that the Sweden Democrats used the same politically correct terminology towards their own youth league, that the liberal parties had done towards the Sweden Democrats for years and years.

-How bad are things in Sweden?
It is very bad. What you read about Sweden on alternative news platforms is true. We are facing problems more severe than ever before in our history, where Swedes face a situation of being a minority within 20 years if nothing is done to stop the replacement of our people.

I would describe the problems in Sweden as some kind of low-intensive civil war (with gradually increasing intensity for each day). What makes the situation even more difficult is of course the extreme political correctness that has haunted Sweden for decades, but which is now finally breaking up.

The political establishment is both unwilling and unable to do anything about the problems. It’s all talk and no action

The situation has gone so far that the politically correct people lose ground and we are entering a state of retribution against politicians and media who bear the responsibility for turning my previously peaceful and prosperous country into a real mess, which is now used as a warning example for other Nordic and European countries, yes, even for countries all over the world.

The political establishment is both unwilling and unable to do anything about the problems. It’s all talk and no action. They are the cause of the problems and simply need to be replaced for Sweden to be able to recover.

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