How The FBI Scam Came To Be


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

When do we start building gallows on the front lawn of the network TV folks, along with the politicians that go for this crap?

There is no “humanitarian crisis” with separating kids from their parents who enter the country illegally.

There are literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of children who are “separated from their parents” because their parents are in jail (or prison.)  It’s what happens when you break the law.

When you are detained prior to trial you go to jail.  Your children, if any, do not get to go with you.

You are separated from your children.

The reason it happens is that you broke the law.  If you wish to enter the United States legally then you are not separated from your children because you don’t come into the country until you, and your kids, are allowed in — legally.

So if you choose to break the law with your kids in tow, knowing damn well you’re breaking the law, and you get arrested, you should expect to be separated from your kids.


The entire responsibility for this outcome rests with the adult who made the decision to knowingly, intentionally break the law — and nobody else.

If I rob a bank and get busted, and am separated from my kids as a consequence, is it the cops fault?  No, it’s mine — I decided to rob a bank, an act I knew was illegal, and I got caught.  That is 100% my responsibility because I undertook a criminal act and it turned out badly for me.

That’s the beginning and end of it folks, and those who “side with” the politicians and others who are making a political spectacle out of this deserve not only to lose but to find themselves on the street, broke, hungry and soaking wet.

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