Goodbye Monsanto; Hello Bayer On “Steroids”


by Catherine Frompovich, Activist Post:

Oh, how prognosticating words about Monsanto apparently have come true!

And people say there’s nothing to astrology!

Moneywatch published online on June 5, 2018, “As Bayer Monsanto merger closes, a toxic corporate name to be retired” not quite five years after I published the article “GMOs: What Do The Stars Say Astrologically?” regarding Monsanto with how I ended that article:

However, as this writer assesses the GMO issue, Coppolino’s prognostications ought to revitalize all who are working to expose the dangers of GMO farming and foods, plus bring new-found hope and unfailing determination. When certain aspects are written in the stars, who knows what can happen. We just have to keep on, keeping on.

Well, who would have thought then that Monsanto, often referred to as ‘Monsatan, the most evil corporation in the world,’ [1] would no longer be around in name, but probably in ‘corporate spirit’ when taken over by Bayer [2], the German pharmaceutical giant, effective Thursday, June 7, 2018.

After 117 years of producing “questionable and toxic chemical products,” Monsanto will disappear in name from the business and corporate worlds, but their ‘toxic philosophies’ probably will be valued and hyped by Bayer, since it is paying $63-$66 BILLION for the takeover! However, one has to wonder what the stars will have in mind astrologically for the ‘coup’ Bayer apparently thinks it has been able to pull off.

My car sported the bumper sticker “Millions Against Monsanto” for more years than I can remember. Remarkably, a rear-end auto accident recently, which ruined my back bumper and trunk lid, rather serendipitously made it extremely easy for me to get rid of that now-obsolete bumper sticker.

However, I wonder where I can find a bumper sticker that says, “Billions Against Bayer.”

Shouldn’t health-nutrition-and-environmentally-minded consumers now turn our thoughts, activism and buying habits toward influencing the stars to work on dealing with Monsanto’s chemical legacy moved to a corporation whose documented history is less than stellar, in my opinion?

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