Expert Warns EMP Incompetence Still Endangers America With Obama Holdovers Within The Department Of Defense Sitting On 7 EMP Commission Reports


by Dr Peter Vincent Pry, All News Pipeline:

Washington is so dishonest and incompetent that it may not be able to save itself — and the American people — from the existential threat that is electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The Congressional EMP Commission has warned that millions of Americans could perish from natural EMP from a solar super-storm, or from a nuclear EMP attack causing a year-long nationwide blackout.

Now the EMP commission has 14 new reports, and just published three unclassified reports. But Obama-era holdovers in the Department of Defense (DOD) are sitting on the seven other unclassified reports; these were supposed to be through the security review process and published in December 2017.

An example of Washington’s dishonesty is described in the just-published EMP Commission Executive Summary.

The Obama administration’s U.S. Government Accountability Office tried to give the impression that much has been done to protect the nation from EMP in a report with a highly misleading title, “Critical Infrastructure Protection: Federal Agencies Have Taken Actions To Address Electromagnetic Risks, But Opportunities Exist To Further Assess Risks And Strengthen Collaboration” (March 2016).

However, buried in an appendix of the above report, is a table proving the Obama administration implemented none of the EMP commission’s recommendations:

— Recommendation: Expand and extend emergency power supplies. Action: None.

— Recommendation: Extend “black start” capability. Action: None. (Black start involves recovering an electric power grid or a major portion from a blackout.) — Recommendation: Prioritize and protect critical nodes. Action: None.

— Recommendation: Expand and assure “intelligent islanding” capability. Action: None.

— Recommendation: Assure protection of high-value generation assets. Action: None.

— Recommendation: Assure sufficient numbers of adequately trained recovery personnel. Action: None.

The EMP commission recommends acting on the above to protect the nation’s power grid, and makes additional recommendations, such as:

1) “The President establish an Executive Agent with the authority, accountability, and resources to manage U.S. national infrastructure protection and defense against the existential EMP threat.”

2) “Strongly recommends that implementation of cybersecurity for the electric grid and other critical infrastructures include EMP protection.”

3) “Encourages the President to work with congressional leaders to establish a joint Presidential-Congressional Commission, with its members charged with supporting the Nation’s leadership to achieve, on an accelerated basis, the protection of critical national infrastructures.”

4) “Government agencies and industries adopt new standards to protect critical national infrastructures from damaging E3 EMP heave fields, with more realistic standards of 85 V/km.”

5) “DOD and Department of Energy provide expedited threat-level, full system testing of large power transformers in wide use within the bulk electric system and share key findings with the electric utility industry.”

6) “Director of National Intelligence circulate to all recipients of the 2014 Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee (JAEIC) EMP report the EMP Commission critique and direct a new assessment be prepared that supersedes the 2014 JAEIC EMP report.” The Obama administration’s classified JAEIC EMP report is erroneous and has done great damage to national EMP preparedness.

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