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I reached out to anons because, well… today I received an anonymous tip.

This anonymous tipster hit me with a lot of facts, but what eventually emerged was a story of corruption involving #CEMEX that, frankly, fits with everything one might expect in the wake of #Tucson.

I reached out to anons because, well… today I received an anonymous tip.

This anonymous tipster hit me with a lot of facts, but what eventually emerged was a story of corruption involving #CEMEX that, frankly, fits with everything one might expect in the wake of #Tucson.

So where to begin?

CEMEX operates nationwide. We all know that. You’ve seen the maps of their operations on my site, and elsewhere. But here’s a quick refresher:

See that cluster in the middle of Texas?

Yeah, that giant facility is the New Braunfels quarry run by CEMEX.

New Braunfels lies between San Antonio and Austin, which means it falls squarely within the bounds of Comal County. CEMEX has historically bought up a lot of land in the area, and constantly expanded operations there – most recently with their water reclamation plant in 2016. Clearly, this is a massive operation, occupying MILES of land.

Simultaneously, this tipster told me that in 2016, CEMEX donated to Mark Reynolds’ campaign for Comal County Sheriff.

Now why would CEMEX want him in office?

Picture here are Mark and his wife Tina.  Notably, Tina has worked at CEMEX for 19 years (at the time of the election), must currently as a Dispatch Supervisor.

Could that be why they backed him? Mere… familial familiarity?

Reynolds ends up winning the election, soundly trouncing the competition. Those corporate dollars really help with the ads:

So what did he Reynolds do after he takes office?

He forces ELEVEN different officers into “early retirement.”

More from the article:

He said he hasn’t really had a transition period. Everything just abruptly changed when he took his oath as sheriff.

He said he plans with his command staff to go over the office’s policy book and make some revisions

The sheriff said he plans to also make some changes in the way deputies patrol the county. He thinks some assets can be reallocated and moved around to help instill fear into the hearts of criminals and put a dent in some of the more frequently seen crimes in Comal County, Reynolds said.

“There’s a storm coming,” he said. “When I say a storm, we’re going to bring some assets up there and we hope there will be changes with some of our drug issues and some of our theft issues. I’m talking about within the (whole) county.”


Among the cops lets go is one Captain Tommy Ward:

Ward is a long time veteran of the force, with over 20 years of experience. He also specializes in child exploitation cases.

That’s Ward above, running in the Turkey suit.

(More on the suit that in a moment. Just bear with me here).

Now, in doing my due diligence about this guy (because you can’t just trust everything an anonymous tipster leaves at your doorstep), if you search Ward’s name, you’ll find story upon story about people he’s saved, children he’s helped rescue, and so on. I’m convinced Ward’s a genuinely good guy.

For instance:

Radio show host Pagliarulo’s teen daughter found safe

The missing 16-year-old daughter of conservative radio talk show host Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo was found safe with an older co-worker in Mexico late Friday, several days after she was reported missing, law enforcement officials said. The 29-year-old Comal County man she was with has been booked into jail in San Diego, California, on an arrest…


Add this to the face that to this day, Ward works with the Foundation he helped start, named: Comal Cops for Kids Foundation. It’s a foundation that raises money for Law Enforcement and other charitable organizations that help kids in need.

It’s why you see him running a 5k in the big Turkey suit here. They had a “Turkey Trot” in 2017

See, generally, criminals are lazy. So if this guy was somehow a black hat who needed to be removed from office, he probably wouldn’t be out there, running and sweating in the Texas heat, in a turkey suit to raise money for abused kids. Corrupt foundations are there to just rake in political donations for the lazy, so they can repay with favors later. You don’t see the likes of Bill Clinton running around in a turkey suit for the Clinton Foundation (though perhaps some other farm animal would be more fitting).

And it genuinely looks like their event attracted thousands of people. See

Add this to the fact that Ward is now Director for Children’s Advocacy Center of Comal County, Inc…

	Children's Advocacy Center of Comal County

The mission of the CACCC is to provide a neutral child-friendly facility to the community that coordinates in the investigation, detection and prevention of child abuse. WWW.COMALCAC.ORG

…On TOP of being Special Investigator Program Director for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services for Region 8:

Yeah… I’m willing to believe Tommy Ward is one of the good guys (until demonstrated otherwise).

So, according to my anonymous tipster (and at least somewhat backed by a preliminary investigation, what he have here is this:

  • A potentially-corrupt Sheriff in Comal County-
  • Financed by a seemingly-corrupt, Clinton-affiliated multinational-
  • (the same one involved in the #Tucson trafficking scandal right now)-
  • Disposing of anyone who might have given him resistance internally-
  • Including a seasoned veteran with an absolute ton of experience with human and child trafficking.

Now why would they want to get rid of someone with a track record like Captain Ward’s?

It’s almost like they wanted to get rid of an expert on child trafficking…


Now, to be clear, we don’t have the campaign finance records disclosing CEMEX’s donations to Reynolds on hand. All I have is my anonymous source’s testimony here.

To obtain those records, you would have to live in Comal County and contact the Honorable Bobbie Koepp, County Clerk for Comal County, and request the publicly available 2016 campaign finance donation disclosure records for Mark Reynolds – as is your right as a resident of Comal County:

But, you know what?

That name, though… Sheriff Mark Reynolds…

Where have we heard it before?


Sheriff didn't pursue sex case against Texas church gunman

Sheriff’s deputies didn’t pursue a sexual assault investigation against the man who shot and killed 26 people at a Texas church, even though the woman reporting it signed a complaint detailing the alleged attack.


HUH! Look at that!

He was sheriff during the Texas Church Shooting!


Now, of course, maybe this is all just wild speculation. Forget my source’s testimony for a moment. Maybe this was all just a legitimate election, complete with legitimate donations from a legitimate business, and a completely legitimate regime change following shortly thereafter, then followed by a legitimate tragedy, playing out on the national stage.

And to be sure, I’m not accusing ANYONE in this article of any wrongdoing here. Re-read it if you have to; there have been no accusations at all in this entire article, on my part.

And even if we get the financial records, that won’t exactly prove anything, will it? Again, see, “legitimate donation” above.

As for my role in this, I’m merely reporting on what my anonymous source told me, as well as juxtaposing it with plenty of publicly available information from a variety of sources.

So you can judge for yourself.

Speaking of which, HEY!

Did you know the I-35 is one of the most active human trafficking corridors in the US? And that it cuts all the way from Mexico up to Canada? And that you can find Comal County/New Braunfels right next to it?

Boy, wouldn’t it be convenient if human traffickers had somewhere to stop before or after crossing the southern border?

Somewhere safe for them, away from the prying eyes of the law?

Wouldn’t that just be convenient?


On a completely unrelated note, did you know that #Anons discovered a patent today for using blood as a binding agent in cement tonight?


Wait a second – you didn’t think #TheCabal were content with one route into the country, did you?

You didn’t think we could just have VOP and Law Enforcement shut down what’s happening in Tucson, and that would be it, right?

You know there are multiple routes being utilized by traffickers every single day in this country – and that I-35 is one of the big ones, right?

We’ve got a lot of work to do, fam.

Let’s get to it!

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