Cliffhanger: This Is Perhaps THE MOST Important Week Of The Year For Gold & Silver


from Silver Doctors:

SD Outlook: Can gold & silver withstand world peace, a booming economy and a rate ‘hiking’ Fed? Here’s a look at what will surely be a very important week…

It’s going to be a cliff hanger.

This week is going to be one of the most important weeks for gold & silver, both on the fundamental front and on the technical front.

Today is the lightest day when it comes to planned events, but things really start picking up on Tuesday:

On Tuesday we have the CPI inflation data release, but more importantly will be the fundamental news and progress of this supposed North Korea Summit.

The summit will be a real test of gold & silver, because whatever happens, the outcome will be spun by the mainstream financial press as “bad for gold & silver and good for the dollar”, especially if there is all of the sudden “world peace”.

But in today’s world, just like modern wars last days or even mere hours, will the peace last?

Does anyone remember those 103 missiles launched against Syria? What about Israel and Iran/Gaza Strip escalations?

If there is some sort of peace “deal”, will it last? And will it last more than a few months?

Swamp creature and warmonger neocon extraordinaire John Bolton always seems to be within spitting distance of President Trump, after all:

Why is the National Security Advisor at the right side of the President, when apparently, this is the seven closest countries on planet earth?

You would think that the President would have some of his economic team beside him, so that progress could be made on making America Great Again while still maintaining the semblance of friendship and coordination.

But nope. We get the War Cabinet.

But I digress.

Looking back up at the Mon through Weds calendar of events, because it is that important, we see that on Wednesday, the most important economic event in months will come at 2:00 p.m. EST when the Fed concludes its June FOMC meeting and Fed Head Jerome Powell gives a press conference.

Odds are still over 90% of a rate hike.

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