California’s SB320: Force Public Universities To Provide ON-CAMPUS Abortions


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

All of this is only geared to indoctrinate and demoralize our young people in the guise of “higher education.”

Well, if you were thinking that your daughter should be able to murder her unborn baby in between classes was just non-sensical talk by vast right-wingers, here’s your sign. California is not advancing SB320 which would force public universities to provide on-campus abortions, the murder of the unborn.

According to the bill, these universities would have to provide these “services” of murder to students within the next four years.


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Campus Reform reports:

SB 320, proposed last year by State Senator Connie Leyva, would force all public colleges in California with health centers to supply non-surgical, medication abortions to students by 2022.

Abortifacient medication, used in early term, non surgical abortions, is utilized to terminate a pregnancy within the first 10 weeks of gestation.

The State Senate passed the bill in January, and the State Assembly Health Committee voted to advance the bill last week, Fox News reports.

The California Committee on Higher Education still must vote on the controversial abortion bill before it can proceed to the floor.

Fox News adds:

The measure was inspired by a UC Berkeley student effort in 2016 when a student government passed a resolution urging the school’s health center to provide medical abortion services.

Adiba Khan, author of the resolution, told NPR that she noticed that while her school’s health center offered multiple forms of contraception, it didn’t provide abortion services.

“I was able to meet a few peers who attempted to get an abortion through the student health center, and they faced a lot of hurdles, mostly bureaucratic, before they were able to get an abortion,” Khan said.

The Fox News report indicates this is a “Reagan era rule” about Planned Parenthood not using federal dollars to murder babies. The problem is the anyone can manipulate which dollars are used for whatever in the first place. The questions should be, where does Congress get the authority to help fund private hit men? Where do they get the authorization to fund anything outside their specific enumerated powers in the Constitution? The fact is that Congress has been given absolutely no authority to fund private institutions, period! And that especially includes the funding of those who dismember and behead the unborn.The only thing between this measure passing as “law,” when it is pretended legislation because it violates law, is passing one more committee and then a vote in the California Assembly, along with a signature by the governor, which we know where he stands on the murder of the unborn.”California has a law against using public funds to pay for abortions, but supporter’s of the legislation are stating that a private donor is in place to handle expenses,” writes Dean Garrison.

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