As End Nears, McCain Now Openly Supporting Other Nations Instead of US Elected Leaders


from True Pundit:

Trump just concluded his attendance at the G-7 summit of top economic and industrial nations in Canada, where he placed the rest of the nations on notice that the prior status quo of unfair trade deals stacked against American interests was over and done with.

Trump’s putting into action his America First agenda in terms of trade has caused much consternation among members of the political establishment on both sides of the aisle, as they have largely benefited from globalization while the average American has suffered.

Enter McCain, who in the aftermath of the G-7 summit took to Twitter to essentially take a stand with other nations against Trump and Americans who support him.

What McCain failed to acknowledge — either because he didn’t know or simply chose to ignore it — is that, as Business Insider and other outlets reported, Trump opened up the G-7 summit with a call for actual free trade, a complete reduction of trade barriers and tariffs by all G-7 member nations, which was summarily dismissed by those other members.

McCain, like so many others of the reflexive anti-Trump and NeverTrump movements, has made it clear that he will stand with whoever is viewed as in opposition to the president, so strong is his dislike for the man.

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