This Video Seems To Provide Evidence That There Were At Least 2 Shooters In Las Vegas


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

The video seems to confirm an earlier acoustic analysis performed by Natural News’ Mike Adams that indicated a second shooter in Las Vegas.

We’ve reported on Natural News’ Mike Adams audio analysis of various videos from the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas shooting. In that report, Adams pointed out that there were at least two shooters, and that due to the audio analysis of the shots fired. Now, we have a video where you can actually hear two distinct weapons being fired, one close to the person filming and one that seems a bit further away.

If first stumbled upon the video via Intellihub. Take a look for yourself, but listen carefully, especially around the 4:00 mark.

This is clearly not an echo as there are longer bursts of fire from one weapon versus the other.

Shepherd Ambellas writes:

At 4:00 into the following video which was captured as the shooting took place you can distinctly hear a what appears to be a light machine gun firing approximately 100 rounds in the distance at the exact same time a 10 round fully automatic burst of gunfire can be heard near or within the venue in the foreground.

The volleys are obviously being fired from two separate weapons, from two separate positions, proving once and for all that officials engaged in a massive cover-up of what really took place on that dreadful night.

The 10 round burst is very distinct, and even sounds as if subsonic ammunition is being used, possibly a suppressor of some sort.

That could be, or, as Adams points out, it could be coming from a weapon that is not right in the vicinity of the recording.

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