The Latest Political Stupidity


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

It’s time to put a stop to this crap by the left, including one specific grand-standing politician wannabe, Dylan Ratigan.

Yes, I’m calling you out specifically, *******.

One of the latest lefty horsecrap arguments is that it’s “terrible” that we separate parents from their children who enter the United States illegally. This is an “outrage”, supposedly, because there is some argument that one should never separate a child from their parents.

Oh really? You mean an abusive jackass who, for instance, sexually assaults their child should not be separated from said child?

Ah, you don’t really believe that, right?

ell then we are now arguing over where the line is, not whether there is a line.

So here’s my point to all you grandstanding politicians, all of whom should be debarred from public life forever along with all of those who are benefiting from their bull**** which includes their entire family.

It’s simply this:

Someone who intentionally commits a criminal offense while using their child or children as props is a monster.

They are by definition an unfit parent. They are by definition a child abuser and worse, they are abusing their children to generate political and social sympathy for their criminal act.

Those “homo sapiens” are unfit to have custody of a hamster, say much less children.

They have forfeited any claim to humanity by using a child as a human shield in a bid to avoid prosecution and deportation for knowingly and intentionally entering the United States illegally.

With that said there are a small number of individuals who have legitimately presented themselves at a border checkpoint which is the first safe nation they reached after leaving their homeland, with children, and requested asylum — yet have been separated from their kids. This is a legitimate issue but it has arisen due to overcrowding in our intake facilities resulting from the vast number of illegal invaders who have used children as shields and clogged up the facilities intended for legitimate asylum seekers traveling with children who’s first point of contact with a safe nation is the United States.

Rather than demand that all of those illegal invaders be prosecuted and deported, and that those who preferentially skip international protocol on purpose, intentionally failing to apply for asylum in the first safe nation they reach for the express purpose of sucking off American taxpayer money (that is, their “asylum” request is false; what they are actually seeking is money) be immediately denied and returned to said first safe nation they entered, which would free up the space necessary to hold those who are legitimate seekers of asylum in the United States, we instead have politicians and wannabes screaming about protecting criminals who use children as props.

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