The British and “Christian” Hand in the Gaza Slaughter


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

The world is now reacting to the Israeli killing of Hamas protesters in Gaza on May 14th. The bloodshed occurred on the same day the American Embassy opened for the first time in Jerusalem, to great fanfare from both U.S. political parties. Over sixty one Palestinians were killed and 2,700 were wounded. The culprit here is not Donald Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, something every American President in modern times has promised but, ultimately, not delivered. The actual culprit is the City of London and its British imperial institutions which, since the Sykes-Picot treaty of 1916, have utilized the Middle East (a British imperial term for Southwest Asia) as a simmering, resource dense, looting ground and periodic geopolitical hand grenade in great power conflicts. Both sides, in the Arab/Israeli conflict have deep and longstanding ties to the City of London. The area has been a continuous British playground for religious based violence and counter-insurgency since even before the British and French colonial powers carved up the area in 1916 under Sykes-Picot.

The only solution to this continuing dangerous and genocidal mess is a Four Power agreement between the United States, China, India, and Russia. An alliance between these nations, representing the vast majority of humanity, aimed at developing the world, would end the City of London’s control of the world’s finances and resources once and for all. That now urgent agreement cannot begin to be negotiated while the coup against Donald Trump continues in the United States. Vladimir Putin, who has conducted diplomacy with all of the nations in Southwest Asia, is the indispensable partner with whom Trump could begin this process. No real meeting between Trump and Putin, urgent in the context of the unwinding of the Syrian war, can occur right now because of the coup against Trump. That coup has been instigated by the City of London, operating through British intelligence, precisely because Donald Trump has signaled a willingness to work with Russia, China, and India to solve the world’s most intractable problems through a program of massive development of the world’s economies.

In a May 15, 2009 speech, LaRouche has been involved in attempting to solve this conflict through great projects for development since the mid-1970s. See, e.g., The Middle East As A Strategic Crossroad, A chronology of LaRouche’s attempts to achieve a lasting Mideast peace. Based on his more than 40 year involvement, LaRouche said in his speech that unless the type of republican outlook exemplified by the American founders is adopted, an outlook rejected by the post World War II City of London and Washington foreign policy consensus, the situation in the Middle East is hopeless. LaRouche has continually reiterated since that speech that the only means to defeat the City of London/Wall Street imperial power and secure the peace is through the Four Power Agreement. Both Russia and China have undertaken the type of major development programs LaRouche envisioned as the result of China’s great One Belt, One Road Initiative which began in 2013. India is increasingly becoming a part of this new paradigm. The missing actor is the United States.

LaRouche began his 2009 speech with a sweeping overview of the world history determining the present conflict:

“I shall suggest it is an error to talk a Middle East policy. That is, I think, one of the reasons we have a problem with the Middle East is, we keep talking about a Middle East policy. Instead of talking about a conflict in the so-called Middle East, we should talk about the Middle East as a conflict, and a conflict that is largely global, especially within the context of nearby European and related civilization. . . Don’t look at the Israeli-Arab conflict. Don’t ignore it, but don’t look at it. Because the conflict is not determined by the Israelis or the Arabs. It’s determined by international forces which look at this region. How? As a crossover point between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, the relationship of Europe to Asia, the relationship of Europe to East Africa , and so forth.”

The underlying current world conflict, LaRouche noted, arose most sharply after the United States won the U.S. Civil War by defeating the “British puppet confederacy” and began inland development of internal areas of the country with the transcontinental railroad. Until that point in history, maritime powers such as the British Empire had reigned supreme. All conflicts of the world today,

“are the echo of this long conflict between the idea of the internal development of national territories and across national territories as typified by great transcontinental railway systems and technological progress, and the other side, the idea of maintaining maritime supremacy, a maritime financial supremacy over the world at large.”

“Now go back and say, where did the British get this idea—as they did with Sykes-Picot—where did they get the bright idea of keeping the Arab population, and what became the Israeli population, at odds with each other permanently? Killing each other over land that wasn’t worth fighting for in terms of its quality. . . Look at the Israeli of the 1950s and 60s, and even the 70s, the early 70s where there was progress. What do you see today? You see decadence. Accelerating decadence and the increase in warfare. What do you see in the Arab condition. . . decadence. . . Are these people just going to kill each other into extinction? What’s wrong here? Well, somebody’s playing them.” That somebody, LaRouche says, is the City of London financial power which, since Lord Shelburne’s study and emulation of the Roman Empire, has always operated on the principle that “you get the other guys to kill each other; then you come in and take over the mess.”

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