Swedish party leader says multiculturalism is a ‘total failure’: Wants to reconsider al residence permits since the year 2000


from Voice Of Europe:

Gustav Kasselstrand, the leader and founder of the new Alternative for Sweden (AfS) party, has attacked his country’s migration policy. Kasselstrand has serious plans to send migrants back who don’t integrate, Sweden’s Fria Tider reports.

Kasselstrand says Sweden’s ‘multiculture is an impossibility and a total failure’. According to him It is not possible to combine widely different peoples in one country and expect good results.

“The historical experience of multicultural societies points to the opposite. Disagreements and conflicts, not a harmonious social life […] is the result of multiculturalism and mass immigration,” he said.

Kasselstrand added that “Alternative for Sweden will never have a so-called integration policy. If immigrants cannot integrate themselves in Sweden, they will receive a ‘single-ticket home’ instead”.

His AfS party has the intention to reconsider all residence permits issued in Sweden since 2000 and could send migrants back who have been granted residence permits on incorrect grounds.

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