SHOCKING new details surface exposing LVMPD’s 1 October helicopter sniper mission


by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

Bombshell: It appears that some of the details surrounding the 1 October police helicopter sniper mission may have been omitted and/or changed from police narratives on purpose to hide the truth about what really happened that night

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer/Helicopter Pilot Bryan Woolard and Henderson (Acting Tactical Flight) Officer J. Oberding were reportedly at the hanger facility on the night of 1 October and were operating LVMPD’s MD-500 helicopter under the call sign “Air 5” (#N911WY) when they received a call from a Lieutenant K. Delzer who ordered the two eager officers to respond to an active shooter incident at the “Route 91 venue,” according to an Officer’s Report (See page 81 and 82) filed with the department four days after the massacre.

However, Officer Woolard’s account appears to stray from fact when he states in the report that while “en route” they (both Officer Woolard and Officer Oberding) were able to somehow “determine” that shots were coming from an “elevated position on the east side of Mandalay Bay.”

None the less, based on the chopper’s approach, the pilot’s forward visibility from the cockpit, and actual flight records obtained by Intellihub, Wooward’s statement can not possibly be true.

Regardless, the bottom line is that Air 5 did not arrive within the vicinity of the Luxor until 10:25 p.m., as flight records indicate — that’s a full ten minutes after the shooting had stopped. This fact was made evident in an October 2017 report titled Flight records indicate LVMPD helicopter’s transponder went dark after picking up mercenaries armed with M-239 SAW-like machine guns on the night of the massacre.

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