Netanyahu tells CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘Israel doesn’t seek war with Iran’


by Alex Christoforou, The Duran:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hitting the US mainstream media TV circuit, defending his latest, theatrical “revelation” regarding Iran’s nuclear weapons “lies”.

Netanyahu’s claims have been branded as “old news” by former CIA Director Michael Hayden, with many US and EU officials finding nothing new or ground breaking in what Netanyahu presented earlier this week.

The Duran noted that Netanyahu simply told world leaders things about the Iranian nuclear weapons programme which they have always known…

A well-established trick of a skilled propagandist is to dress up as a “startling revelation” something which in reality everyone with knowledge of a matter has long known.

We had a masterclass in this technique yesterday from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is someone who is not just a skilled propagandist but who is actually a brilliant one.

Thus we heard from him a technically superb presentation about how Iran has “lied” about its nuclear programme, complete with the perfect prop: a vast archive of documents apparently stolen by Israeli intelligence from Iran, which supposedly confirms how Iran has previously “lied” about its nuclear weapons programme.


Specifically, Iran did have a nuclear weapons programme before 2003 – just as Netanyahu says – and Iran has not been truthful in its denial about this – as Netanyahu also says – but all the indications are that Iran’s nuclear weapons programme was put on hold in 2003, and has not been pursued since, and nothing Netanyahu said yesterday in any way casts doubt on that fact.

US intelligence publicly reported all this in 2007.

These facts were therefore fully known by all the world powers – including the US – when the JCPOA was agreed in 2015.

In no sense is it therefore true that the JCPOA is based on a “lie”, and Netanyahu’s claim to that effect is wrong.

Nor is there any evidence that Iran has gone back on any of the commitments it took when it agreed to the JCPOA in July 2015, and importantly Netanyahu in his presentation yesterday provided no evidence that it had done so.

n an interview with CNN, Netanyahu reasserted his claim that Iran was “brazenly lying” about its nuclear ambitions prior to the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement.

When “New Day” host Chris Cuomo pressed Netanyahu on Israel’s nuclear capability, the prime minister refused to answer the question, instead stating, rather oddly, that he did not seek war with Iran.

“I’ll tell you one thing, we’ve never called for the annihilation of any country.”

“Nobody is seeking that kind of development.”

“It’s interesting that the nuclear arms race that I predicted would unfold once this deal was signed because everybody knew that they were just kicking the can forward for a few years and as time passes Iran will get a nuclear arsenal.”

“Now you hear other countries in the region saying ‘We want nuclear weapons, too.’”

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