MUST SHARE: The sterilization agenda continues with LED lighting, fertility under attack and humanity under seige


from The Fullerton Informer:

The only thing more dangerous than a corrupt and stupid leader is several more of them lumped all together up on the same dais with their juvenile sycophant deniers in the audience nodding their heads. Fullerton defined.

The human race is under attack. We are willingly being destroyed by consuming GMO food products, toxic sweeteners, while our health is being mined by allopathic medicine. We are forcibly being destroyed by decisions our leaders make on our behalf and in spite of the dire warnings given, they ignore them all.

MUST HEAR – Listen to the author of this article himself:

BLUE LIGHT OF DEATH, Blue light at night is killing you and it is all by design

Ladies and gentlemen, the tools of the trade in the eugenics movement come in four primary shapes and forms.

CSF’s Mark Shapiro has gone on record defending cell tower placement near homes and parks and now has gone on record supporting dangerous LED street lighting. He is a forced irradiator of the worst kind.

Ladies and gentlemen, the tools of the trade in the eugenics movement come in four primary shapes and forms.

The first I have discussed at length and is wireless microwave radiation. It is an integral part of the sterilization of humanity. The cell towers, the WiFi systems and the WiFi enabled devices bathe you and your children in these emissions. They destroy the human eggs and destroy your circadian rhythm and health in general. All this while you turn your backs on your own children.


Apple 666, Artemis, iPads (infertility pads), Project Inkwell, Connect ED, E-rate, and Agenda 21-an expose with an all star cast –

The second I have discussed at length and is the forced vaccinations. It is an integral part of the sterilization of humanity. The school district immunization requirements nail it shut for your children and all of you comply. All this while you turn your backs on your own children.

Fast and Furious, fast tracking SB 277, forced sterilization and the death of Paul Walker

The third tool of the eugenicists is water fluoridation. Sodium Fluoride absolutely destroys our health by calcifying our pineal glands. This chemical is added to almost all water supplies, put into mouthwashes and toothpaste and is in all of our fruits and vegetables that have been irrigated with municipal water.

Now we get into the final death knell being dealt to the masses. It is called poisoning through nocturnal emissions delivered by LED lighting.

We know certain plants don’t grow in the shade and we know that without the full spectrum of light from the sun, we cannot be healthy and produce vitamin D.

LED lighting is a cold white unnatural light and when forced on us at night, is a weapon ladies and gentlemen. This weaponry works synergistically with microwave exposure to destroy your pineal gland. The nocturnal white and blue light energy enters your body through your eyes and nearly completely destroys your melatonin production, thereby destroying your circadian rhythm, destroying your sleep and in the process, your health.

Human fertility is a function of egg quality. Egg quality is a function of melatonin levels. It is where we are folks. LED lighting is an agenda from the pit of hell. The frequency, like in wireless, is everything ladies and gentlemen and has been specifically chosen for this agenda to maximize the impact on human health and fertility.

The material used in the semiconducting element of an LED light determines the color of light emitted. The two main types of LEDs presently used for lighting systems are aluminum gallium indium phosphide (AlGaInP, sometimes rearranged as AlInGaP) alloys for red, orange and yellow LEDs; and indium gallium nitride (InGaN) alloys for green, blue and white LEDs. Slight changes in the composition of these alloys changes the color of the emitted light. So why is it that all of the LED TV’s screens, computer monitors, smart phones, lighting systems and of course, street lights use indium gallium nitride alloys? Because it is an agenda folks.

Blue and white light is fine and dandy during the day. It keeps us awake by suppressing Melatonin (the sleep hormone)  production during the day. The absence of blue and white light at night is a must. It is an absolute necessity for our Melatonin levels  to be free of suppression at night. We must be able to sleep and allow our bodies resting repair mechanisms to work without interference. This is how we were designed by God to live. There is a reason it is dark at night when we sleep. We were designed to sleep at night.

While the forced poisoning of all of us with the fluoride in the water calcifies your pineal gland during the day, the nocturnal blue and white LED light poisoning works its dark magic at night synergistically with the 24/7 wireless microwave exposure to destroy your pineal gland, suppress melatonin and your circadian rhythm. This is another aspect of the radiation biology program given to us by the Manhattan project that is alive and well ladies and gentlemen.

It is all about the radio frequency emissions bathing us 24/7,  the color of the light, the timing and intensity of its delivery coupled with the specific wavelength being forced on us. Look, folks, blue and white light at night are disastrous to human health. This is medically documented. Your television, computer screen, smart phone and home lighting systems are all under your control. These LED systems can be switched off if you wise up and figure this out. The LED light poisoning coming from the street lights that will come through your  windshield when you are driving, through your eyes when you are out walking the dog after dark or through the bedroom windows when you try to go to sleep are forced exposures. They are unavoidable.

Because healthy egg production is the first step to conception and a healthy pregnancy, these findings suggest that healthy melatonin levels are crucial to fertility.

The lunar cycle has an impact on human reproduction, in particular fertility, menstruation, and birth rate. Melatonin levels appear to correlate with the menstrual cycle even at just 1 Lux of light exposure.

Melatonin levels correlate with nocturnal blue and white light exposures. LED lighting are the most efficient sources of this light.

A FULL MOON ON A CLEAR NIGHT SUBJECTS US TO ABOUT ONE LUX OF LIGHT AT 4000 k. How many nights a year are we exposed to a full moon on a clear night? Not that many.

JUST ONE LED STREET LIGHT FORCIBLY SUBJECTS US TO 30 TO 100 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF LIGHT AT 6000K ALL NIGHT LONG. The wavelength of light chosen is no accident. This form of lighting after dark is disastrous to human health.

The white and blue light emitted by light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs used in televisions, computers, smartphones and notebooks are the worst imaginable for use after dark. They suppress melatonin levels five times as much as HPS bulbs. Use of any of these should be avoided two to three hours prior to bedtime to ensure deep and restful sleep.

Conversely, these white light LED’s are considered the most eco- friendly sources of light, so while being energy efficient, they seem to have the most detrimental impact on melatonin production. These white light sources such as metal halide bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s) and LED’s should be used sparingly when the sun goes down. While developing energy efficient lighting is certainly warranted, the needs of sustainability need to be balanced with potential detrimental impacts on melatonin production and biology, with both ourselves and other species in mind.

The very brightest the moon’s light can get is around 1 lux. And that’s a full moon on a clear night. Your garden variety moonlight will struggle to even reach a single lux.

Melatonin has neuroprotective properties/

Human eyesight struggles to process blue to violet wavelengths from the projected light yet these colors are what they have chosen for deployment.  Here is an example of the intensity of an LED street light laid out as a function of height above the exposed victim. Note that the exposure is hundreds or even thousands of times that of moonlight. This is light poisoning ladies and gentlemen. This is an agenda.

The standard color temperature for LED street lights is 5000K to 6000K. The glare from the lights may cause eye damage and distorted vision, while high levels of blue light in LEDs decimates circadian rhythms. Sleep issues cause all kinds of other problems, including depression and obesity, not just infertility.

The corrupt Fullerton city council, without an iota of discussion just adopted  hundreds of pages of Agenda 21 electrical standards at a recent meeting in which the video and audio feeds were intentionally cut basically bringing an end to the healthy form of lighting we have come to know for a hundred years called incandescent lighting. There is a war against the warm, incandescent light bulb and it is for good reason. The lighting change is part of an agenda. Healthy light involves heat and warm light. This is something LED has neither of. The cool light from LED in the 5-6 thousand Kelvin range at night aside from melatonin suppression also triggers sepsis processes associated with degradation of living systems and decay.

Once again, the pineal gland is responsible for the production of melatonin from tryptophan. Melatonin helps to regulate circadian rhythm and plays a role in fertility and even timing of puberty. Deficiency in melatonin is linked with premature sexual development, insomnia, cancer, Alzheimer’s and mental disorders such as bipolar.

The pineal gland has been tagged the “third eye” because of its resemblance to the human retina and its function as a light receptor. Light enters the body through the retina of the eyes and is sent to the brain, which then sends it to the gland. LED street lighting poisons the pineal gland.

As your pineal gland hardens due to the crystal production from fluoride, less melatonin is produced and regulation of your wake-sleep cycle gets disturbed. Sodium fluoride in our water and toothpaste is the cause of the rampant calcification of the pineal gland worldwide.

The pineal gland simply absorbs more fluoride than any other physical matter in the body, even bones.This is a fact and that is why the water is fluoridated I mean if they were worried about dental care, then dose  the Coca- Cola.

Look folks, they could make LED computer screens, lights, TV’s, and street lights that emit in the 2700K range instead of the blue and white light range but they don’t. Look folks, they could hardwire the schools instead of using wireless but they don’t. Look folks, they could push sound nutrition and declare war on all the crap we are being force-fed and injected with but they don’t. Look, folks, they could end the dosing of our water with toxic halide compounds but they won’t. Look, folks, if they wanted us to be engaged in the pursuits of life, liberty, happiness, and be entitled to witness our posterity come to fruition, none of these forced agendas would be fully underway. Instead, we have been sold out by our corrupt leaders, given over by our worthless clergy and taken down to the mat by our cowardice and laziness as our children are being destroyed and as your health is being mined by a medical mafia that aims 75 shots at your children just so they can get irradiated at school and drink the fluoride out of the drinking fountain and stare at screens all day with the infertility pad;s antenna on their zipper. Yes. it is all about making all of us and our children sick, stupid and sterile.

Folks. there are four arrows aimed at your lineage right now, and you are going to lose it all if you just lay back and sit another one of these battles out. Yes. once again the fools fail to realize that money cannot buy health and that our health should never be put up for sale behind our backs in the hands of corrupt politicians. That is exactly where we are. When your children cannot have children of their own, which unfortunately you will soon realize, don’t blame Joe Imbriano. Look in the mirror and place the blame squarely where it belongs or wake up and do something about this. May God help us. ladies and gentlemen.

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