by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

As you might guess, Antarctica is in the news again, but I’m at a complete loss to explain it. It’s one of those stories that goes into my “maybe” file, but it’s important enough to pass along, because Antarctic Antics is something we “do” here.

First, let’s start with this story, which so many people saw last week that it was difficult to choose which version to refer everyone to. But his one is as good as any:

Giant canyons discovered in Antarctica

This is one of those bland stories that you don’t think about unless…well, you think about it. With the improvements of radar tomography technologies over the past few years, it’s possible to take a “peak” under all that ice covering Antarctica to see the lay of the actual land underneath. What’s underneath are mountain ranges and a forbidding topography. But as the article also points out, there are long and wide long canyons running towards the oceans, remnants, perhaps, of some river system. If so, then that might mean Antarctica may once have been a more temperate place, and thus a candidate for the “lost continent of Atlantis.” Perhaps. But how it suddenly found itself covered with ice at the South Pole would then have to be explained. Indeed, from any standpoint, explaining the current circumstances of the continent is a difficult task. A lot of water would have to have been frozen rather quickly, it seems to me, like those cases of large mastodon fossils frozen in the ice in Siberia, some with their last meals still in their stomachs. That raises one of those “high octane speculation” points that I like to think about, so consider this some “preliminary high octane speculation” before we get to the main high octane speculation.

Aeons ago, when I was still in school, I heard all sorts of “natural” explanations for these evidences of some sort of sudden freezing event. I have to be honest and say that I never found very many of them very compelling. It seemed clear to me then, and seems clear to me now, that one hypothetical possibility was always being ignored: technology, i.e., that some sort of technology either suffered a catastrophic accident, or perhaps that some sort of sophisticated weapon might have been involved that can suddenly and dramatically drain energy from a region, effectively “deep freezing” it. Some people have speculated on the possibility of such technologies and weapons, Lt. Col. Tom Bearden among them. That still leaves how Antarctica – an entire continent – became deluged with water which then froze, but at least it’s a start.

But enough of that. On to the main speculation of the day. Mr. S.D. and Mr. D.A. sent me this photo of an email exchange, and the individuals involved will become immediately recognizable:

Now I have no way of verifying if this is genuine, or not, and as everyone knows, it’s all too easy these days to fake just about anything and put it out on the internet. But let’s assume, for the moment and for the sake of argument that it is. If so, then ca. 2009, Huma Abedin – close associate and aide to the newly-appointed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – was in communication with someone about a big Antarctica trip presumably for Mrs. Clinton. I did find a somewhat humorous and very satirical story, a bit of comedy from 2008, during the election campaign of that year, that Mrs. Clinton had sent Mr. Clinton to Antarctica as a campaign trip, where according to the satire, Mr. Clinton was to remain exiled for several months.

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