Finnish court okays Muslim’s rape of a 10-year-old girl as part of his “culture”


by JD Heyes, Natural News:

You’ve probably heard of the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” The meaning of that phrase is clear: When you’re in a foreign land, obey their rules and regulations, and respect their customs and laws.

At least, that used to be true. All over Europe today, however, that old axiom is dying a slow, agonizing death as one Left-wing, socialist country after another bends over backward to accommodate radical Islamists and extremist Muslim behavior.

In recent days, and to the outrage of many, a court in Finland ruled that it’s just fine for a 23-year-old Muslim man to rape a 10-year-old girl because, hey, that’s just part of what those Muslim men do…in their countries.

As reported by the Helsinki Times:

Finns have widely expressed their outrage and bafflement with a recent ruling in a case against a 23-year-old man who had intercourse with a ten-year-old girl.

The Turku Court of Appeal ruled last week that the defendant was guilty of aggravated child sexual abuse but not of aggravated rape and sentenced him to three years in prison, thus upholding a ruling issued in March by the District Court of Pirkanmaa.

The defendant in the case, Juusuf Muhamed Abbudin, has been acquitted of a charge of aggravated rape “on grounds that the prosecution was unable to substantiate its claim that the victim had been unable to defend herself and express her lack of consent because she was in a state of fear and helplessness at the time of the act,” the paper added, quoting another Finnish source.

That, too, is a ridiculous claim: How many 10-year-old girls do you know, unless they’re from Superman’s planet, who can defend themselves against a grown 23-year-old man?

As noted further by Inquisitr, it’s quite clear that Abbudin victimized the girl. Beginning in 2016 he started making contact with her at an abandoned apartment building in the city of Tampere. Later, in another abandoned building he had sexual intercourse with her, then, afterward, would send her sexually explicit messages.

Now, how can a 10-year-old girl consent to having intercourse? First of all, how would she even know what she was agreeing to? And finally, in what country — in the West, anyway — would the ‘consent’ of a 10-year-old to have sexual intercourse ever be acceptable, legally and morally?

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