Did the Federal Reserve Save President Trump From Assassination?


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio, a quality and and tireless researcher, and myself have combined on investigating a number of issues ranging from the crisis involving the Oroville Dam to the various developments of the CALEXIT movement. We have crossed paths once again, but this time, our joint investigations were not planned, our paths accidentally crossed paths and the topic of coincidence has to do with the iintended assassination of President Trump.

Two months ago, Paul Preston told me that the reason that President Trump abruptly, and at the last minute cancelled his South American trip was due to the fact that a definitive and well-coordinated plot to assassinate the President had been discovered. Paul ran with that story and I was content to sit on the sidelines of this story and cheer on his fine work and celebrate the fact that the President avoided catastrophe.

Call me “slow to the party”, I have also stumbled upon similar information with regard to this planned assassination of Trump. The perpetrators are called, The Shining Path. As it is with the Sanchez Peredes cartel, operating out of Peru, this group is a facillitator between Middle East terror groups, MS-13 and various drug cartels operating within Central America and now, inside of the United States.

One of the reasons that I found Paul Preston’s assassination plot revelation so compelling is because I am already aware that Trump, and for good reason, does not trust much of the Deep State infested Secret Service. I have previously reported that the President uses the Marines to provide much of his security. I have learned, independent of the fine work of Paul Preston that it was the Marines White House detail that called off the President’s trip to South America as they came across details of the plot. I have also been told loyal elements of the FBI shared similar information with key White House staffers. Additionally, I was told that the Federal Reserve shared key information on this point with Trump’s guard detail. Why would they do that? The answer is simple, Trump is protecting the Petrodollar as much as possible. Now, I am not here to make excuses for this President, however, his unwarranted and participation in the false flag Syrian chemical weapons attack and subsequent retaliation, was a deal made between Federal Reserve interests and Trump. The Fed needs Syria and Iran knocked out of power and thus, collapse the gold backed oil sales coming out of Iran. The Federal Reserve is willing to go to war over this issue, because it is a survival issue for this institution. Without a viable petrodollar, the dollar will collapse along with your job, pension and bank account. This is why Trump capitulated and gave the Federal Reserve what they wanted, which is to unseat Assad before turning their attention to Iran. I was told that it is the belief of American intelligence agencies that if Syria falls, Russia will not feel that they can adequately defend Iran from Israel. To date, Russia has not shown any real interst in going to war other than the typica blustering against the US imperialism.

The perpetrators of the assassination plot against Trump, The Shining Path, have distinctive Red Dawn ties to the paramilitary groups that are training in El Salvador and Honduras. They are also tied to the old CITGO oil empire which, in part, evolved into the BRICS organization which is seeking to destroy the Petrodollar by confining oil purchases to gold while bypassing the international agreement which only permitted oil sales in dollars. Interestingly, the old CITGO alliances tie directly to George Soros front groups and directly to the Chinese government. I do not believe that China wants war, at this time, with the US, however, this event and subsequent discovery of Shining Path’s involvement would have led to blaming China and thus, World War III could have commenced. Thi sis specufflation, but this is probably why China is cooperating with Korean unification. What this definitely indicates is that although the Federal Reserve is not active in trying to assassinate President Trump at this time, larger scale banking interests are very much interested in starting WW III and framing China for any assassination attempt. This group could be none other than the Rothschild’s Bank of Internation Settlements.

Trump’s complicity in the Syrian chemical weapons false flag attack is now understandable given how these moving parts of this story fit together.Trump has reached a deal with the Federal Reserve and regime change for Syria and Iran is his objective. Further trump needs a healthy Federal Reserve to continue to bolster his economic recovery for America. It is an ugly partnership, but it is a partnership.

My source for this information does not have a name as far as the public is concerned. He is a former ARSOF member. He was the source for my ground breaking revelations regarding the near military coup that almost took place against Obama by key members of AFRICOM and part of the Navy in the midst of the Clinton based plot to assassinate Ambassador Stephens because his CIA activities regarding gun-running, drug-running and child trafficking which were beginning to leak right before the 2012 election. Followers of The Common Sense Show may recall that I published these revelations in October of 2012 and by February of 2013 every word from my ARSOF source was validated. I have a 100% confidence call in this information as presented here. Essentially what I am saying is that Trump compromised on Syria and now we know why. I have come to believe that Trump’s capitulation is tied to his survival and very possibly the survival of his family.

To be clear, Paul Preston is the original source of this event. My purpose is to connect the dots on a wider scale because this explains so much more than the avoidance of an assassination.

Why would the Deep State want Trump assassinated?

Why Do So Many Seek to Assassinate Trump?
To answer that question, I think it is prudent to take a look back at JFK and ask the same question and I have spoken previously on each and everyone of these reasons.

I spent 25 years examining the JFK assassination and the reasons why he was assassinated and I arrived at the following conclusions:

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