Another Possible School Shooting Stopped By Good Guy With Gun That You Won’t Hear About In The Mainstream Media


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

Officer Scott is a hero, but you aren’t going to hear that much about his heroism in the mainstream media because he actually stopped the bad guy with a gun.

On Wednesday, an armed male was shot by a school resource officer at a high school in Illinois.

As students and staff gathered at Dixon High School in northern Illinois, a 19-year-old former student opened fire on officer Mark Dallas. The officer then returned fire and wounded the young man before taking him into custody.

“He saved an enormous amount of lives,” Lee County Sheriff John Simonton.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner echoed Simonton’s comments in a statement in which he praised “school resource officer Mark Dallas for his bravery and quick action to immediately diffuse a dangerous situation.”

WRAL reports:

The shooting happened shortly after 8 a.m. Police Chief Steven Howell, Jr., told reporters that the officer called to report that he’d spotted an armed male at the school. He said the officer confronted the former student near the school’s west gym and as ran after him, the suspect fired several shots at the officer.

Howell said the officer returned fire, shot the suspect and took him into custody. Neither the officer nor anyone else at the school was injured. Police said they believe the gunman acted alone and that there was no further threat to anyone in the area. Howell declined to discuss why the former student brought a gun to the school.

When police searched the school they found that the faculty and students had barricaded themselves inside by blocking the classroom doorways with desks, chairs and other furniture — just as they had been trained to do.

“A lot of things went right today and many things could have gone wrong,” Dixon Mayor Liandro Arellano Jr., told reporters at a news conference outside the school.

Schools were closed in the city of Dixon until it was determined that the shooter was acting alone and then they were reopened.

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