from The Daily Sheeple:

Actress Alyssa Milano is being correctly branded a hypocrite after she attended an “anti-NRA” rally with armed security. Milano is basically declaring guns perfectly acceptable tools to protect herself, but the rest of us are less than deserving.

Milano spoke at the NoRA protest in Dallas on Saturday, a demonstration organized to coincide with the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) annual convention. According to RT, footage shared by writer Ben Howe shows NRA member Will Haraway ask security guards beside Milano whether they’re armed. In the clip, the guard ignores the question and repeatedly asks him to leave, escorting him away from Milano. “Alyssa you’re a hypocrite,” Haraway shouts. “You have armed security here!”

The video prompted outrage and cries of hypocrisy from NRA supporters and gun owners across social media. NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch shared the footage, criticizing Milano for having “armed security chase Texans out of a public park simply because they asked if she uses armed defense (that she wants to deny others).”

Loesch is right about this one: that does make Milano the hypocrite she’s been branded.

Milano responded to the criticism:

“For the record, my personal bodyguard was not armed,” Milano later tweeted of the confrontation.

The NoRA group says it’s not anti-gun or anti-Second Amendment, but wants responsible gun ownership, increased checks and balances for gun purchasers, and for the NRA’s potential influence on lawmakers through campaign funding reduced. The ethics of Milano’s guard being armed or not was further argued online by both sides of the gun ownership debate on Twitter.

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