Activist, Independent Journalist Niko House Faces Eviction After Being Repeatedly Wrongly Arrested, Beaten By Police


by Elizabeth Vos, Disobedient Media:

When Niko House was recently pulled over for a traffic stop in Georgia, it was the beginning of a police encounter in a string of similar interactions that sketch the ongoing reality of structural and systemic racism in the United States.

Niko House is a celebrated activist, independent journalist, college graduate and army veteran who was instrumental in the initiation of the DNC Fraud lawsuit. Jared Beck, who along with his wife Elizabeth Beck represent the plaintiffs in the suit against the DNC and former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, wrote about his first meeting with Niko In his book, ‘What Happened To Bernie Sanders.‘ Beck writes:

Niko House walked into our conference room. An army veteran and political science major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Niko had been a prominent student organizer for the Sanders campaign… Niko, a bright and ambitious volunteer organizer… explaining… how he had witnessed, with his own eyes, the infiltration of the Sanders campaign in North Carolina by a known Clinton loyalist… Niko said the infiltration wasn’t isolated… he was personally convinced it was widespread enough in North Carolina to have “destroyed” Sanders’ chances there… Niko told us that if necessary, he was determined to do everything he could to convince Sanders to take legal action based on the events he had witnessed.”

Exposing the corruption rife within the Democratic Party primary process would not be the only issue House would shed light on, with his ongoing work in independent journalism covering a wide range of issues.

Disobedient Media was honored to speak with Niko House about the brutality he experienced, after he described his latest personal encounter with systemic racism on Twitter. The event adds to a growing string of such incidents he had personally experienced with police officers from several southern States, multiple of which left him with serious physical injuries.

Niko House wrote about these recurrent, appalling events in a recent twitter post, saying:

“Many of you all are familiar with the run-ins with police in the past. Last year, I had a fun pulled on me for asking a police officer in GA to see his scanner after he accused me of speeding, the week before that I was harassed and abused for not having a “State ID” while walking by myself on South Beach [in Florida]. A few years earlier, I was jumped by six police, held down and while I was beaten in the face with a baton, which is why my front left tooth is a replacement cap. My only charge was ‘resisting arrest,’ the cops were called for someone else.

This past March, I was put in the hospital by several police officers, with a dislocated shoulder and a torn rotator cuff after being beaten and body-slammed by several police who were called to arrest three women, and then intimidated and harassed in the hospital so that I would not leave before they could falsify an arrest warrant. This past weekend I was stopped in GA doing five under the speed limit. When the police officer approached me, his immediate actions were to demand me to step out of the car and then proceed to explain that there’s a “Supreme Court case” that allows him to ask everyone he stops to get out of the vehicle with or without probable cause.

When he realized that I was not alone, he concocted the excuse that I “failed to maintain my lane,” and that he was worried for my safety. So worried, that he followed me for 8-10 miles before actually pulling me over. After running my license number, it turned out that I had a warrant for a probation violation. Confused, I demanded to know why I would be put on probation to begin with, considering I’ve never been convicted of a crime in Georgia.

Shortly after, he arrests me and the jailhouse clerk explains it’s because I failed to take a frug test for the speeding ticket I received in Georgia the year before. So my only options were to pay thousands of dollars MORE than I already had for the initial overpriced speeding ticket, leaving me in crippling debt. What’s more, it turns out that they likely only offered me this option instead of holding me in jail until a set court date because the original arresting officer was fired shortly after my arrest and is currently under FBI investigation for racial profiling, domestic violence, aggravated assault, for shooting up someone’s house, bribery, and other types of corruption. Most do not get to pay their way out of a probation violation. But then again, most do not get a probation violation for [declining to take] a drug test for a speeding ticket.

So I am humbly asking you all to help me raise the money to pay rent that I am currently unable to because I spent it all to prevent jail time (it’s damn-near illegal bribery), pay back those who helped me raise the money spent on these absurdly obscene fees, and finally to hire attorneys to fight all of these acts of corruption to get retribution for those who have suffered at the hands of the systemic racism and targeting [that] the justice system perpetuates against people who have no means to fight back. All the cases except my most recent ones have been totally dismissed…”

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