1984: The UK is Illegally Detaining Two Journalists, Seemingly Making Them Vanish


by Aaron Kesel, Activist Post:

The UK government is responsible for the illegal arrest, sentencing, and detainment without trial of two journalists: Julian Assange, who recently had his Internet and communications cut off; and Tommy Robinson, all without any type of legal concession. Argue as you may about Robinson and his colorful past, including shortly being a member of BNP when he was in his twenties, but it’s what got him arrested this time that is the more shocking part of the story.

Robinson was arrested, charged and sentenced to prison for covering the existence of a Leeds Crown Court case of Islamic pedophile-grooming rape gangs. Further, the UK media has been issued D-notice takedown requests for articles on the grooming rape court case, as well as coverage of Robinson’s own arrest and sentencing, Infowars reported.

Robinson, real name Stephen Lennon, streamed an hour-long Facebook Live outside the court on Friday. It had been watched more than 250,000 times before he was abruptly arrested.

Lennon had filmed himself as he read out the defendants’ names and the charges they faced and confronted them as they arrived at court before sentencing by the jury.

According to the judge, Lennon (Robinson) could have caused the trial to be retried and cost taxpayers “hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds,” despite the fact that the court case was highly publicized in the media and Robinson was just reporting publicly available facts, according to journalist Lauren Southern.


Robinson was arrested on suspicion of “breaching the peace” for the incident and was later charged with contempt of court laws for which he faces 13 months in prison.

Robinson was already on a suspended sentence for contempt of court for using a camera in Canterbury Crown Court last May when he had tried to film men, who were on trial for rape charges, while the hearing was still underway. If he is found guilty of breaching the terms of his prior sentence, the activist may be detained for up to three months, Sputnik reported.

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