Who Really Controls America? President Trump and America vs. the Deep State (Part 2)


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

I have published over 9,000 videos and articles and produced and performed nearly 600 radio shows, and this combined with my academic training, I have formed some strong and research-based opinions about who really runs America. In short, I would share that we are in for the fight for our very lives.

For the purposes of analysis, I have divided up the control mechanisms for our country into 10 different power structures. This analysis will consist of a three part synopsis with Part One having focused entirely on control of the military and the media. Part two focuses entirely on academia, control of our religious institutions, the establishment and the control of our elected government.

In Part One, I noted that in large part, with gaps, President Trump is in control of the military. The sacred cow of the globalists, the media is now a battleground and the censorship wars are fully underway for the control of what people see, hear and ultimately believe.

Generally, when we speak about who controls a country, we are talking about the following elements. In Part Two of this series, I am going to offer an analysis of who controls Academia, our elected government, the establishment (ie ruling class) and the spiritual institutions.

Elected Government
Establishment (ie Deep State-Money and Power)
The Spiritual Establishment
The Hearts and Minds of the People (The Numbers Game)
Core business establishment including banking
Control of healthcare
Control of food and water

Parents of America, who send your children off to our colleges and universities without the awareness and knowledge that Jesus Christ is the path to salvation and that the Bible is the blueprint for successful living, your children will return home to you after four years of liberal indoctrination, as complete strangers.

Today’s schools are Godless and they have approached the point of losing their mission to educate and have adopted indoctrination as their main mission. Schools, such as the University of Arizona, employ social justice warriors to “listen” for inappropriate attitudes and subsequent remediation (ie brainwashing). Those who follow my work, have seen the repeated stories of professors who advocate for violence to be perpetrated against white people, solely because of their race. Second graders are receiving homework assignments based upon liberal notions of white privilege. These children are being taught to hate themselves if they are white and to be unjustly demand social, political and economic concessions if they are people of color. This is the classic divide and conquer strategy. If the establishment can keep the people divided, along racial lines, they can keep the people from unifying against the true evil that permeates our society.

In reality, my black brothers and sisters are my allies, my friends in our quest for freedom. Unfortunately, the post-secondary institutions are dividing us. And speaking of dividing us, try to engage most professors in a discussion of creationism. It is a case of the Scopes Trial, in reverse. God is out, racial harmony is out, intellectual curiousity and established research principles (ie the pseudoscience of climate change) are out and hate and division are the new curriculum. And speaking of curriculum, there has never been another dumbing down set of curriculum principles in the history of education more effective at destroying intellectual curiousity than No Child Left Behind and Common Core.

If it were practical, and its not, I would advocate for K-12 home schooling. Meanwhile, back in the real world, you better send your child off to school with firm Christian principles as their guiding light because Satan is making great inroads for the control of their mind and their soul inside of our schools.

Let me leave the reader with one undeniable example of how our academic institutions have largely lost all perpsective. How scientific is it for post-secondary institutions to adopt the “opinion” that mankind is made up of 97 genders while ignoring the obvious 9th grade biological realities of two-gender creationsim?

The Deep State and the globalists are fully in control of education in this country.

Elected Government
Elected government is the barometer for the control of the people to a large extent. All governments are largely bought and paid for. What separates most nations are the firewalls established by various founding fathers. Are there elements, such as an enforceable Constitution that negate abject bribery and organized crime controlling one’s government (eg China, Russia, Iran, etc)?

After winning WW II, America largely slept, while they were falsely convinced that democratic ideals motivated people in government. Most, not all, but most politicans are prostitutes. They seek to spend millions toget elected in order to obtain public servants salaries so they can make astronomical private renumerations as a result of their elected position (eg Boxer and Feinstein). Most politicians adopt the flavor of the month approach to government as they convince us that they are for God and country and YOUR financial betterment while they are bribed by the corporations to do their immoral bidding.

There is one saving grace for today’s politicians, they have discovered that freedom and liberty are popular among the people. So if they want to get elected, some have been forced to change their perspective and at least pretend that they are for the people against the evil and shadowy influences that would dominate the halls of Congress. However, our politicians, with few exceptions are political prostitutes who are for sale to the highest bidder and they reflect the values of those that control them (ie the Deep State).

Make no mistake about it, the Deep State, globalist interests controls the elected government with some notable exceptions.

The Establishment
Every country, has an establishment which attempts to control government, business and the people through media manipulation. In the West, the establishment has learned there is capital in pretending to be democratic and that they care about the will of the people. However, the truth of the matter is that these people expend great resources trying to secretly organize against the people’s free will in order to expand their economic, social and political control. After they make more money than God, power is all that is left to achieve and this is the psychology of the establishment.

As long as we have the Trilateral Commission, the Council for Foreign Relations, etc., etc., we will have tyranny and the Marxist nature of the conflict that defines the “haves” with the “have nots” will dominate the class struggle on this planet. Karl Marx was not right about most things, but he was right about the inevitability of class conflict. Today, on this planet, the global elite are your mortal enemy.

The Spiritual Establishment
I bring you good news, the word of God is as alive today as it has ever been. However, the religiousl institutions, that were originally designed to serve God have been conquered by Satanic interests. The case of the tax exempt church is a case in point. The United States has murdered 60 million babies. Abortion is an afront to the Lord. However, I would ask you to consider this question. When was the last time that your pastor ever confronted the abortion laws and the genocidal policies of Planned Parenthood? When has your pastor mocked the social justice doctrine of 97 genders and the globalist attack upon the Christian values within the home?

Christians are mocked and ridiculed on a daily basis. However, if one were to just attend church, today, we would think that God has already defeated Satan and we have no more work to do.

The existence of DHS’ Clergy Response Team in which pastors are expected to aid the government in controlling its flock for the government’s own purpose, is very disturbing. The Clergy Response Team gives new meaning to “Render unto Caeser what is Caeser’s”. The modern interpretation of this verse of Romans would have your very soul offered up to Caesar.

Despite the fact that our churches are corrupted by the fact that most pastors chase the money of being a tax-exampt church over the teaching of what is means to be a Christian, there is hope. So long as two or more are gathered in His name, is it is likely that salvation is present and the Christian spirit is growing. Along these lines, many churches offer small group Bible studies. This is so much more effective than going to a 5013c church. And when the Communist Chinese persectution against Christians arrives in America, the ability to worship will be preserved in these small groups. And if you don’t believe the persecution of Chrisitans is not already underway, look at how our educational institutions treat Jesus.

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