Where Are You, Maggie Nixon?


from Rogue Money:

You canโ€™t imagine the size of this.โ€
โ€” #QAnon, April 20, 2018

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It has been a wild 48 hours with #QAnon. As soon as the Democratic National Committee filed their lawsuit last Friday against the Trump campaign — 66 pages, by the way, filed in Manhattan – alleging that Trump and Wikileaks conspired to disrupt the election, #QAnon was ecstatic and signalled that the President has now entered the first phase of the counterattack against the Clintonista gang. A day in court means, well, you know, discovery. And discovery in a court of law means that everything is going to start spilling out.

That is the purpose of this blog today. This is to report on where we are in this quickly changing landscape of the President’s war on the #DeepState and not to wholly focus on salacious details. President Obama has not been formally accused of serial pedophilia. However, it has to be noted that the #QAnon entity, who works under the direct approval of President Trump, has definitely made public statements with the knowledge that the readers of those statements have now concluded that the insinuation of that very thing has now been made.

This is how the veiled insinuation was laid out. #Q wasted no time by posting a photo of Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic and two photos of former President Obama getting very touchy-feely with a little girl named Maggie Nixon, once when she was 10 years old and again when she had just turned 12. The girl appears to be the daughter of Robert and Sarah Nixon, owners of the Beach Plum Inn in Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard. Maggie happens to be the granddaughter of the Queen of Soap Operas, Agnes Nixon. The online version [linked here] of the Vineyard Gazette still holds an archived story of the Obama vacation spent there in 2010, however, the particular photo posted by #Q only appears in the paper-published version.

At this point, it might be good to stop and think about why #QAnon was posting furiously about the Obama pedophilia insinuation this past weekend. After all, isn’t this exactly the same course that the #Pizzagate furor took just before it collapsed into a pile of tin foil hat doo-doo? Lionel, our favorite lawyer and critical thinker of Hell’s Kitchen, New York, is already warning us not to let these new allegations follow that same course.

And yet, in a way, the #Pizzagate eruption from two years ago was a preliminary chain in this path. As Lionel himself surmised, the public is now habituated to at least having a discussion on a subject that used to be hushed as taboo only a few months ago. We MUST start opening our eyes to the reality of the global pedophile network and get down to the business of uncovering her skirts, her root source. You cannot destroy what you haven’t identified.

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