What’s That?! Silver Above $17!!


by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin:

Following the slight gains from Tuesday it appears something is happening in the “pits” this morning. We are on the brink of the “market” opening and the metals are reaching for the stars.

It appears someone will be fired later this morning for allowing silver to breach the $17 mark. I feel confident that soon after the termination of the Fed Trading Desk “hack” silver, along with gold, will be beaten back into submission. The cartel can’t have people getting all excited about silver making moves above $17 where it has been held captive. We can only hope this is not some mistake and the current gains will hold and we will begin seeing movement to the upside for both the shiny and the yellow metal. Nothing would make us any happier than to see the Fed Trading Desk lose control of this market. I somehow don’t see that happening on a no news Wednesday. especially when we have seen another attack on Syria and the metals market yawned at such an event.

We can only hope as the metals reach for the stars they can at least grab the moon!!

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