Treason on the Tarmac! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #LorettaLynch


from Neon Revolt:

#QAnon turned up again tonight.

Not a lot of decoding tonight. He’s pretty straight-forward. However, he did give us a task to complete… and it seems to be the imminent harbinger of something big rising on horizon:

Just… rudimentary Q here, because I have a lot of new readers:

SC = Supreme Court.

LL = Loretta Lynch.

They have video of the meeting.

This is an important point of contention. Many anons, including myself, figured it was Scalia that Q had been talking about.

Q clarified: he had been talking about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The implications of that are stunning, and doubtless, she will have to step down.

But the main point is…

Bill Clinton bribed AG Lynch to stop the HRC investigation by promising her a seat on the Supreme Court.


Now here is where things start to get really interesting:

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