There Is Something Gold & Silver Must Do Before The Rally Can Begin In Earnest


from Silver Doctors:

SD Outlook: Has gold & silver’s rally been put on hold with new found world peace? Here’s what gold & silver need to do to show the rally is real…


The war cycle is in line with the news cycle, and it’s even in line with the market cycle.

You see, when market negative news hits the tape, it could wreak serious havoc on the markets, and as such, it’s always best to have market devastating news, like, oh a war, happen on a Friday, wrapped up by Saturday morning, so that by the time markets open Sunday evening it was as if nothing had happened.

Just amazing.

On Saturday I warned that gold and silver would be sold coming off of the “mission accomplished” news.

That’s exactly what happened.

They might even succeed in smashing silver back down below the 50-day moving average:

In fact, I’m expecting it.

Perhaps my negativity today is just what we need to get these metals turned around?

Now I’m not capitulating by any stretch of the matter, I’m just tired of people talking about all the great things President Trump has done, how by spending billions of dollars the U.S. doesn’t have by launching 103 missiles into a country Trump said was not our business to be in, and after everybody thinks President Trump has made American Great Again, just have faith in the plan, etc.

What I see are President Trump supporters getting sold down the river.

And I voted for him. I believed what he said because he actually said some truth bombs during his campaign. And he knows gold, and actually said good things about gold as he was a candidate.

But now?

I dunno.

I see Trumps supporters disillusioned as they’re getting sold down the river. You see, half the country was sold down the river on the Obama Hopium, and now it’s time for the other half.

But I digress, this is not political commentary but market commentary.

But it does have a point: What has been solved geo-politically?

Gold & silver feed off of geo-political tensions, yet we can go from launching air strikes on a Friday to selling gold & silver on a Sunday night because everything is all good now?

Even gold sold off last night:

The over all rally remains in place, however, and as weak as it may be.

I’m beginning to think we’re not going to see the metals rally until we get to multi-year highs.

It’s funny to think of 2016 as multi-year, but it is.

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