The Red Cross, Double-Cross, and So Much More! On Today’s #NewQ. #QAnon #GreatAwakening


from Neon Revolt:

#QAnon came back today.

Remember how quickly NK unfolded? Because so many things were going on behind the scenes that we didn’t know about?

I think Iran is going to be very similar.

Q basically says here that they’ve been working to diffuse Iran. Remember how NK was publicly “testing” Nukes, but in reality, they had nuclear capacity since 2004? Iran is much the same, and all funded by Obama, so that the deep state could hold the world hostage.


You could even hold the US hostage – no matter who was at the helm – and force them to agree to things like The Paris Accord – in order to “legally” smuggle obscene amounts of cash out of the nation.

No wonder the MSM and talking heads made such a ruckus when we announced we were pulling out of The Paris Accord.

Perhaps this is why Q dropped that one post about Al Gore last night. Al Gore was the “salesman” behind the bulk of the eco-fearmongering we’ve seen over the past 20 or so years. He got so many people on-board, gaslighting them with eco-threats, and filled his coffers to overflowing at the same time.

Al Gore isn’t some principled prophet, trying to prevent the apocalypse. He was a conman, concerned only with his own betterment, and willing to act the part given to him by the deep-state, so long as he got rich in the process.


In all honesty, I did make the connection when it was first announced, but I held off on publicly stating that it was a result of anything Trump and Qteam were doing because, frankly, I wanted confirmation.

Confirmation like this:

Q previously told us that the bulk of CIA bots on the research boards were coming through Armenia.

Here are the Google stats he said to look at:

Ain’t that something?

This is wild.

Now this is interesting…

It could be a number of states… however… I think Q is being very specific here.

I’m thinking…


Now I know some of my “Holy Roller” readers might have a tough time with this (and I use that term endearingly; I used to be, well, at least somewhat like you).

But Israel is not our friend. It is not our greatest ally. And it is not God’s favored nation.

This is partially why I made the switch to Orthodox Christianity a while back; because a correct reading of Scripture clearly shows that the Church now inherits all the promises of Abraham. The Orthodox Church, which has been around since 33 AD, has always taught this. It’s a relatively modern re-interpretation brought about by Scofield’s bad translations of things to think otherwise.

But even if you don’t accept that teaching, it’s a false equivalence to relate the the modern state of Israel to the ancient state of Israel.

And I’m not going to get into a theological debate here (maybe some other time) – but if you’ve been following the crumbs left by Q, you know that Hitler was a Rothschild puppet who created a crisis in order to (at least partially) establish the modern state of Israel, and that Israel has been “saved for last” by Q team.

Beyond that, Jesus, on multiple occasions, told the Pharisaic Jews that their father was literally Satan, that they were a brood of vipers, and don’t forget the two times he whipped them.

Now remember that ALL of modern Judaism is based on Pharisaic teaching.

In fact, Pharisaic Judaism is VERY reminiscent of, frankly, Nazi ideology. They consider themselves “the chose people” (aka, the “Master race). The Goyim (other races) are beneath them, and will, in fact, serve them.

In fact, if you’re a goyim, you’re not a complete human. You don’t have the same level of “soulishness” that a Jewish person does, so you’re more akin to an animal.

Which makes you… disposable:


But Oy Vey! Spelling out established, documented Rabbinic opinion plainly for all to see is somehow antisemitic, right?

Wrong. The Lord wasn’t joking when he said the father of the Pharisees was the Devil. Take Jesus at his word. I know this is a tough redpill for some to swallow.

And some might retort here with arguments about “The Holocaust,” which is apparently the single worst genocide in the history of mankind (it wasn’t – just look at the Holodomor, where the Bolshevik Jews were the perpetrators, overseeing the deaths of some SIXTY million Christians). No, what modern Hollywood Jews have done is turn the Holocaust into a secular version of the atonement, so that, again, we can dispose of Christ in the public sphere.

And who does this better than Spielberg?

And while I’ve talked about this on the old Facebook page a number of times, perhaps some of my newer readers won’t be so familiar with how I feel about Spielberg. Here’s a hint:

Yeah, he is NOT a good guy. Maybe I’ll write about that in the near future.

Oh! And look who he’s advising now…

Steven Spielberg Offering Nancy Pelosi Advice on Rebranding Democrats?

Filmmaker Reportedly Advising Majority Leader on Crafting Stronger Brand for House Democrats WWW.CBSNEWS.COM

But in case it’s not clear, I will say while I think modern Jewish Talmudic teaching is very wrong, I have no hatred for individual Jews. I love them all, and want them to turn to Christ. And before I’m accused of being a white supremacist or something, no, of course all Jews don’t believe the above teachings. I seriously doubt that someone like Jared Kushner wants 2800 goyim slaves. Meanwhile, someone like a George Soros, well… You’ve seen how he acts. The waters get muddied when you move into the distinction between race and religion and personal beliefs/behavior, so I’m not going to get mired in that discussion, today.

It’s a mixed bag, always has been (for every race) and genetics has less to do with it than accepting evil teaching.

Case-in-point, I don’t see any White Supremacists running to claim Hillary Clinton for their team, just because she’s ethnically European.

(Except maybe the Robert Byrd types, but again, I digress).

Of course, I could be wrong on all this. It could be Pakistan Q is referring to, or somewhere else.

But everything written above remains true, and yes, Israel is still on Q’s agenda.

Moving on:

Looks like a rubber-stamping committee. No US appointees in this group. Mostly UK and Germany.

Meet your global auditors. Note, all the purple they’re wearing…

Anon added this:

More research needs to be done here.

Okay, remember the other night when I said I had to do a Red Cross article?

Report: Red Cross Spent 25 Percent Of Haiti Donations On Internal Expenses

A congressional inquiry finds that the American Red Cross stonewalled lawmakers as they sought to understand the charity’s finances, and that it sent significantly less money to Haiti than claimed. NPR.ORG

Looks like I’m going to have to do that now.

A lot of the information I’m going to be citing comes from #CDAN (aka The writers of CDAN are a group of Hollywood insiders who have been systematically exposing celebrities and the like over the past few years. They were among the first to call out Spacey, Lauer, and others, YEARS in advance. They have an impeccable record, and write in a veiled style that protects them from lawsuits (which makes sense, given that “Enty,” who runs the site, is a top entertainment lawyer). So they won’t name names explicitly until after some news has broken (at which point, they may do a reveal).

But to understand the Red Cross, you have to first understand “The Church.”

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