The Neocons’ Real Plan for Syria Emerges from the Lack of Rubble


by Tom Luongo, Tom Luongo:

I told you over the weekend that Trump’s presidency was over. As a practical matter it is. His yielding to his ‘advisors’ on every foreign policy issue makes it clear that he can’t or won’t stand up to the relentless pressure to do what his instincts tell him.

This morning’s article at the Deep State Washington Post paints a very clear picture of what the situation is. The advisors whose loyalties are dubious run the show. Their thinking has not evolved one whit from previous administrations.

Remember what Russian President Vladimir Putin always says, “Presidents change. Policies do not.”

Case in point they manipulated Trump into over-reacting to the Skripal poisoning by ousting 60 Russian diplomats, even though Trump clearly wanted to match Germany and France.

The United States, they explained, would be ousting roughly the same number of Russians as its European allies — part of a coordinated move to punish Moscow for the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter on British soil.

“We’ll match their numbers,” Trump instructed, according to a senior administration official. “We’re not taking the lead. We’re matching.”

The next day, when the expulsions were announced publicly, Trump erupted, officials said. To his shock and dismay, France and Germany were each expelling only four Russian officials — far fewer than the 60 his administration had decided on.

You can almost see the evil glee on the part of the WaPo writer and Trump’s staffers who misled him into signing an order they knew he disagreed with.

And this is why Trump is not president currently. This is not the first time he’s been backed into a bad decision by the nest of vipers in his administration.

And he won’t be until he removes the worst people from his cabinet. Unfortunately, the trend on that front is definitely not our friend.

Tillerson out. Pompeo promoted. McMaster out (who was awful), John Bolton in (who is worse).

So, now that the WaPo is writing victory lap articles for the the Deep State in neutering Trump, let’s talk about where this is headed in regards to this weekend’s attack on Syria.

Target: Iran
I’ll get right to the point. This attack was all about the long-game of taking down Iran.

Israel is desperate to prevent Iran from remaining in Syria after the war is over. And with good reason. That’s the prime motivation for their actions. But, on top of that is the need or the desire to always go farther, to take more than they should and use U.S. assets to achieve those goals which are in no one’s best interests, including Israel’s.

Because despite the rhetoric spewing forth from Lil’ Miss AIPAC, Nikki Haley, a failed state in Syria is not good for Israel. A beaten and cowed Russia is not good for the world. And yet, that is exactly the policy that wing of the Trump administration is pushing him to pursue.

Now, if they can’t get that because Gen. James Mattis isn’t a moron, then the next best thing is to prolong the war in Syria for as long as possible. Why?

To bleed Iran white. To fight a war it can’t afford and keep its best military units and commanders bound down in Syria and not have them return home to help maintain order.

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