The Clinton-Bush Hurricane Katrina Fund has Missing Money


from USSA news:

There has been some criminal activity discovered linked to the Clinton-Bush Hurricane Katrina Fund and Clinton Foundation.

According to sources the Katrina Fund is missing large amounts of money and should be investigated for the missing funds. The entire Clinton-Bush Hurricane Katrina Fund was set up to help the victims, and operated by Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. But it looks like the innocent victims were stollen from by the ones claiming to help them in the first place.

Typical actions from the Clintons… We shouldn’t expect anything different I guess. Their Foundation definitely tells us a different story of what they were really trying to do. Unfortunately the victims of the hurricane also got caught up in an additional storm with the Clintons.

According to greatamericanrepublic:

That leads to a couple of axioms to be observed. Never get into a land war with China, and never get involved in a Clinton charity or foundation.

As Written and Reported By Charles Ortel for Lifezette:

Comparing public filings, news releases and donor claims reveals multiple questions about what happened to huge chunks of money intended to help hurricane victims.

Fresh off their success helping international victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, former presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, bitter rivals from 1992, reunited Sept. 5, 2005, in Houston, Texas, to solicit funds and then give grants to organizations aiding Americans pummeled by Hurricane Katrina.

On the surface level, it was appealing to see two erstwhile political foes look past their stark differences of ideology and opinion to work together on behalf of millions of embattled residents of New Orleans and others across the Gulf Coast, from Texas to Florida.

So donations poured in at the request of the former presidents to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund (BCKF), the charity they said repeatedly they had formally established solely for this purpose.

Behind this heartwarming narrative, however, an ongoing review of public filings, many of which are omitted from the website of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation (aka the Clinton Foundation), tells a different story….

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