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from Neon Revolt:

I held off on this #QAnon post for a bit, today, because I wanted to let things play out a bit.

Now, I think I have a clearer picture of all the happenings going on. Let’s start:

Rosenstein missed the deadline to hand over Comey’s memos to Nunes.

They can fire him now, and get on with things.

I’ll give you my idea of what the booms stand for. These are my personal interpretations, and I could be wrong, but I think at the very least, each of these events is very significant:

First #BOOM:

FEDS DROP BOMBSHELL: Comey & Lynch Colluded with Clinton Campaign to Entrap, Wiretap Trump; Illegal Scheme Involved Entire U.S. Intel Community – True Pundit

Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department and James Comey’s FBI worked together with the Hillary Clinton campaign to entrap Donald Trump and associates — including his eldest son — prior to the 2016 presidential election, according to records and testimony of federal law enforcement insiders. One high ranking official in the Justice Department called it a sweeping…


Second BOOM:

Trump confirms direct U.S.-North Korea talks

The president said the two nations were discussing a meeting in late May or early June, though a site has not yet been selected. WWW.NBCNEWS.COM

Third BOOM:

Facebook Could Face Billions in Fines over Facial Recognition Features | Breitbart

Facebook could reportedly face billions of dollars in fines over their facial recognition features due to an Illinois law relating to the collection of biometric data.



Fourth BOOM:

Southwest flight with woman 'partially sucked out' marks second horrific trip for carrier this week

Southwest Airline’s week got even worse when a passenger died and seven others were injured Tuesday on a flight that suffered a midair engine explosion, marking the second incident for the airline this week.


Also worth noting is the tweet barrage by #POTUS during this exact same time:

FBI director Wray just came back from a Middle East tripe, where he visited FBI partners operating in: Israel, the West Bank, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

Whatever he did overseas… it’s going to have huge implications here.

Q highlighted this post, showing the “Before and After,” comparing Trump’s tweets (and timestamps) to Q’s posts.

Remember, we’ve been tasked with building a counter-narrative. And right now, Q wants these before-and-after posts… I suspect because we’re going “public” very soon, and will need memes to make the public go, “Huh?”

It’s basically to contradict the play the media will use in response to Q, which is to say it’s just a “conspiracy theory.”

It can’t be a conspiracy theory if there are multiple points of easily verifiable data floating all over twitter and facebook and google, and more.

Remember the post above about the plane and the woman being partially sucked out the side of the plane?

Yeah, Q just confirmed it was a #FalseFlag.

AND he drew our attention to the posts from the 11th, re: Plane and 17.

The Deep State took his drop from the other night, about Plane and 17, and attempted to twist its meaning, by bringing down a whole plane of civilians.

Remember, the woman in seat 17 died here.

And she was sitting on the LEFT side of the plane, while the RIGHT engine was the one blowing up.

Strange, huh?

Instead… The right engine suffered what’s known as a fan blade detachment.

Now, what’s interesting is an eagle-eyed anon noticed the exact same kind of engine failure on another Southwest plane of the same make and model from all the way back in 2016.

Compare the wreckage, here.

Same engine. Same damage pattern.

Wonder who was on that plane, then?

Southwest flight makes emergency landing

A Southwest Airlines plane made an emergency landing in Pensacola, Florida, when an engine failed on a flight from New Orleans to Orlando, the airline said.


But Q ends that drop with a “Response coming.”

What kind of response?

Strike Package 111V-B.

111 = Hangar

V-B = Virginia Beach

Strike = fighter squadron


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