“Take a Pill” Consequences


by Gary Christenson, Deviant Investor:

Headache? Muscle ache? Back ache? Take a pill! An over-the-counter pill will diminish the symptoms and pain. The consequences will come later.

High cholesterol? Take a pill. There are other ways to reduce cholesterol but none that produce $ billions for Big Pharma. Consequences to your body and finances will manifest in other ways.

High Blood Pressure? Take a pill. There are other means to lower blood pressure, but none that produce $ billions for Big Pharma. Side effects may require other drugs, which will also have side effects.

Economic sluggishness? Take a pill – an extra-large dose of Quantitative Easing. There are other ways to stimulate the economy, but QE bailed out banks at taxpayer expense, increased banking profits, expanded debt, printed $16 trillion from “thin air” and levitated the stock market.

Economic Side effects: Pension funds are increasingly insolvent, savers don’t earn a decent return from savings, official debt exceeds $21 trillion, a potential derivative disaster looms ahead, and more dangers will manifest in coming years.


If an individual has broken his leg, massive doses of OxyContin may remove the recognition of pain, but it does nothing to heal the broken leg. Treat causes, not symptoms!

If an individual has high blood pressure caused by any of a dozen life-style or diet choices, a pill may reduce blood pressure, but it doesn’t correct the imbalances that created the high blood pressure.

The government and Federal Reserve have created too much debt. It can’t be paid with current dollars. Adding more debt is NOT a solution to an excessive debt problem, but that is the preferred choice of governments and central banks.

Treating symptoms does not solve problems. Temporary pain may disappear, but at what future cost?

Legislation usually treats symptoms. An affected group could be farmers, cotton growers, ranchers, public employee unions, other organizations, or any ethnic or racial group. The result: more bureaucracy, more social programs, increased taxes, and less productivity.

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