Syria Discovers “Moderate Rebel” Chemical Weapons Factory


from The New Observer:

The Syrian army has uncovered a US-rebel backed chemical weapons factory in Eastern Ghouta, the territory taken this week by the government from the “moderate” rebels—at exactly the same time that the US, the UK, and France have launched missile attacks on Syria, blaming that government for having “chemical weapons.”

According to a statement, photographs and a video released by the Syrian army, the US-backed “rebel” factory included chemicals, gas masks, and chemical-ready bombs and containers, of exactly the sort which the US accuses the Syrian government of using.

The factor was discovered during clear up operations carried out by the Syrian army in the towns cleared of the “moderate” rebels this week in Eastern Ghouta, and the “large a lab for making toxic materials and workshop for manufacturing shells” was located in the Aftris area, the statement said.

The lab, which was abandoned by the US-backed terrorists was “equipped to make various types of toxic substances, and has all the necessary equipment for making powders used in making prohibited weapons,” the statement said.

Items recovered included chlorine and protective gear, as well as ampoules used for mixing and special containers.

In addition, a large workshop for making shells of various sizes was also found in Aftris, which was used to make 60mm, 80mm, and 180mm shells, in addition to rocket launcher platforms, a 37mm artillery piece, a number of IEDs, and assorted ammunition.

Meanwhile, Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s Ambassador to the United States has announced that the military strikes against Syria “will not be left without consequences.”

In a statement, Antonov said that the “worst apprehensions have come true. Our warnings have been left unheard. A pre-designed scenario is being implemented.

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