Swedish students reported to security services for spreading facts about immigration


from Voice Of Europe:

A group of students from a school in Umeå, have been reported to the police and the Swedish Security Service (SÄPO), for distributing a fact sheet about immigration, Fria Tider reports.

Presented were facts like: The real costs of immigration, the overrepresentation of migrants in violent crime statistics and the advantage illegal immigrants have by receiving dental care for very low tariffs. All statements referred to recent studies of which one of was the Pew Research Center’s Muslim population growth in Sweden.

Principal Anna Sundelin, of the Dragonskolan, contacted the police and SÄPO because according to her the action of the group is “terrible” and “racist”. “It is absolutely unthinkable that we have that kind of propaganda at our school,” she says about the fact sheet.

One of the involved students tells Fria Tider: “We weren’t ready to just sit still and roll our thumbs and do nothing while Sweden declines, therefore chose to make a fact sheet about the impact of immigration on our society. So we could inform other students.

Another student said: “It’s very worrying that the school chooses to contact the Security Police because some students have posted leaflets with facts”.

Principal Sundelin stated that the school has “zero tolerance” and that the management has published news about the fact sheet on the intranet so that students and teachers can report if more appear.

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