Signs of a Massive Attack On the Grid Are Surfacing


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The Common Sense Show has come into possession of certain information, hich is indicating that an attack upon our grid is coming.

Massive terrorism is being organized and implemented south of the border and it is set to coincide with the outbreak of war. Before presenting what I have discovered, it is important to review some relevant facts revealed in the past two weeks on The Common Sense Show.

Review of the Red Dawn Threat
We all know about what I dubbed “The Caravan to Madness” in which 1,500 Central American refugees were headed to obtain entry and ultimately citizenship within the United States. I also revealed that I was warned and told to write about a “Red Dawn” style entry into the United States coming out of paramilitary bases in El Salvador and Honduras. I was told by a high level source that this was a credibile and near-term threat. Russian and Chinese money are associated, in part, with the paramililtary groups in Centrla America. In an article last week, I detailed how Russia is militarily intertwined with all of Latin America. This is important to keep in mind as one reads this article.

he Common Sense Show further covered how President Trump had threatened to cancel NAFTA and DACA and then deploy troops to the border. Trump did not threaten to cancel NAFTA and DACA as well as employ troops on the border because of a mere 1,500 refugees.

I strongly made the point prior to false flag chemical attack in Syria that if we went to war in another region of the world, we were going to be attacked in Red Dawn invasion style. Readers may recall that I discovered that there would be two phases to the attack. The first phase would be widespread terrorism. The grid would be among the targets, if not the primary target. The second phase would be a direct military invasion after the bulk of our military were engaged elsewhere.

The Grid Is the Target
I had a personal communication on Sunday with a source who works for Arizona Public Service. He asked me about my former articles on Grid EX and if I thought anything was going to come from predictions that the former Grid Ex drills would culminate in a massive false flag which would bring down a significant portion of the grid. I dismissed the question as not being practical. At least I did until the following developments have taken place in the past 24 hours.

From an email:

Mr. Hodges,

Do you know of any threat to our grid system? I work for a security firm that provides security for APS (EDITOR’S NOTE: ARIZONA PUBLIC SERVICE) on remotely located power supply and transmission centers. I am concerned because we have added Middle Eastern employees and it has some of our veterans spooked. We are supposed to be unarmed in the commission of our duties. However, I know some who are now taking their guns with them on their assignments. We have recently increased our presence by doubling many of our overnight patrols. I thought you might know something… I think something is going on.

I am taking this communication very seriously because of the following past events.

Former Congressman Franks Warning About the Grid
In August of 2008, I attended a town hall meeting sponsored by Congressman Trent Franks that was held at my local church. Franks played a 20 minute Department of Defense video which was based on the scenario of terrorists detonating two nuclear weapons high above the mid Continental United States. The resulting explosions produced and EMP burst which took down the electrical power grid. The video mentioned that the Naval War College also conducted a study in which it was determined that within two years following this event, 90% of all Americans would be dead. The Naval War College/DOD scenario reminds one of the former NBC television show, Revolution. Congressman Franks attempted to use this DOD creation as a justification to increase military spending. Ten years later, I view this presentation is a portend of things to come.

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