Russia Warned About U.S. Trained Militants Carrying Out Chemical Attacks In Syria Three Weeks Ago


from Silver Doctors:

Horrific events warned about three weeks ago, right down to the location, are unfolding in real time. Here’s the details…

There has been some serious escalations in Syria since just last weekend.

One of the most serious escalations came from the most recent chemical weapons attack, which has caused the U.S. to send a fleet of warships to Syrian waters, and even caused President Trump to cancel a South American trip to coordinate with the U.S. military for any possible response.

The blame for the attack has been squarely placed by President Trump on Iran, Russia, Syria, and even Putin himself:

But something doesn’t quite jibe.

You see, days prior to the chemical attack which caused a rapid if not massive escalation of geo-political tensions, we learned President Trump was pushing for the withdrawal of American troops from Syria.

And now instead of preparations to withdrawal U.S.troops we’re actually getting more bogged down over there?

The chemical attack in Syria has changed everything, and all of the sudden.

But this exact scenario was forecast by the Russians in advance.

Some three weeks ago, the Russians were warning of false flag chemical attacks being carried out in Syria.

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