Rising Political Risks, a Weakening Economy & Assets Priced for Perfection


Dan Kurz, DK Analytics:

Rising political risks associated with the largely criminal enterprise known as the US government:

The endless Trump Russian election interference witch hunt (candidate Trump couldn’t address interference, only the prior administration could!) or, more accurately, “offshoots” thereof, could result in a declining capacity for Trump to function effectively as the nation’s chief executive.  It could also trigger a governmental paralysis and/or lead to presidential impeachment proceedings based on so-called “process crimes,” which amount to “technicalities” over substance.   Some highlights of this sad state of affairs, which threatens to further entrench our kleptocratic form of government — on both sides of the aisle — follow:

Now, there is a lot of speculation (and excitement) in the alt media community about over 24,000 executive branch sealed indictments.  Specifically, when will they be unsealed and arrests made, so that the rule of law once again extends to the ruling class?  Hope springs eternal that felonious indictments will be unsealed with increasing frequency as the 2018 election grows closer.  Moreover, that once “unleashed” — and assuming such a process couldn’t or wouldn’t be derailed — increasingly large swaths of the federal ruling elite in Washington DC and throughout the nation that have acted lawlessly will be implicated and charged with crimes.

Such a “cleansing” would help purge the kleptocratic and bureaucratic lawlessness (unconstitutional legislation followed by property rights-eviscerating extortion by both elected officials and unelected bureaucrats) that is so intimidatingly widespread.  It would also constrain despicable, amoral, and unconstitutional behavior by powerbrokers, which would be pivotal to any effort to return the US to a representative, constitutional republic while boding well for rescuing the west from an all-powerful, unrepresentative administrative state (the unelected bureaucracy).

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