Report: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Personally Chooses Accounts to Be Banned


by Charlie Nash, Breitbart:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey personally chooses which accounts should be banned and sanctioned on his social network, according to a report.
Fast Company reportedly spoke to “several sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity” about Dorsey’s interest in personally selecting accounts to be banned.

“Jack said we should do this,” proclaimed the sources. “Jack was making those calls. They were very smart about it–you’re not going to find a paper trail… He was very good about providing certain items to [the] safety [team] and asking for action. He would tell somebody, You should check out this account–you should do something about it.”

“The moment you’re catering to the request of a CEO–whether by making exceptions in enforcement or by taking action outside of the policy–everything goes downhill,” the sources declared, adding that in early 2015, [Former Twitter CEO] Ev [Williams] and [Former Twitter CEO] Dick [Costolo] were in one camp, whereas Jack was more in the ‘let speech be free’ camp.”

“The stance Jack took was very different from the stance he’s taking now,” they claimed. “He felt uncomfortable and worried that we might end up squelching too many voices as a result of anti-abuse efforts.”

Twitter has frequently banned prominent conservatives and libertarians, both temporarily and permanently, including Roger Stone, Tommy Robinson, Sargon of Akkad, Steven Crowder, Pizza Party Ben, Sheriff David Clarke, Guccifer 2.0, and Raheem Kassam.

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