#QAnon Drops Some MOABS with the Help of… Kanye West? Secret Obama Twitter Revealed?


from Neon Revolt:

Q’s posting a ton.

I love it, but at the same time, its difficult to keep up.

Don’t stop on my sake, Q.

Apologies to my readers for how late this is:

Start with Trump’s tweets this morning:

#QAnon comes back with this:

Q links a lengthy email between the Clinton campaign and the “journalist” referenced above, Maggie Haberman.

Link: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/7524

Here’s the really relevant portion, for our sakes, right now:

Q refers back to this being done over the 4AM SecureDrop channels.

Two links here:


And the wikileaks email was interesting because Ira here was like, “No, no, no, don’t suggest lower drug prices here, in America! What are you doing?!?”

Link: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/24440

This is fun!

Q implies that these journalists are bought and paid for through funds deposited into “trust funds” from overseas banks, and these same journalists are using secret twitter accounts to communicate, using burner phones they replace every week.

Here’s a chart of all the Rothschild-owned banks in the world, and all the banks involved with Clinton Global Initiative transactions.

So basically, the Clintons use these overseas banks to launder their money, and then buy off journalists back home.

Actually, Trump and QTeam took out the Bank of Latvia, recently:

Latvia’s Banking Sector Rocked by U.S. Probe of North Korean Sanction Violations

(CitizensOutpost)  Latvia’s ABLV Bank has been accused of violating North Korean sanctions. Via Reuters: Latvia’s ABLV Bank sought emergency support on Monday after U.S. officials accused it …

CitizensOutpost🇺🇸 CITIZENSOUTPOST🇺🇸
Bank Run Feared After ECB Unexpectedly Pulls Plug On Latvia Largest Private Bank

Latvian bank run fears spread on Saturday after the ECB said ABLV Bank’s liquidity had deteriorated significantly, declaring it “failing or likely to fail” and instituting a bail-in on its depositors.


Wonder how much of what Q is referencing now is connected back to this old Q post:

Moving on:

Glad they have it all. Couldn’t find anything to identify who these accounts were.

Scratch that. As I’m about to publish, a likely candidate for Obama’s secret twitter has been found.

The account talks about speaking to Michelle about adopting “W” and how that’s “playing with fire:”

UPDATE: Upon further inquiry, this just looks to be a LARP. Sorry for the confusion. Leaving the mistake up, however: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/934484912966598656.html

If this is really Obama’s sockpuppet account, you should take some time to look through it, and see the utter level of disinfo and vitriol coming from some of his tweets:

Counterchekist (@counterchekist) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Counterchekist (@counterchekist). Guardian of the Republic. Keeper of American Exceptionalism. Counterchekist. USA

twitter.com TWITTER.COM

Don’t worry. I have a ton of these archived offline.

Think “Bobama@ameritech.net.”

QTeam, always ten steps ahead.  That’s a pretty obscure comm, though. Not sure how were were logically supposed to connect the two.

I should go back and re-read all the “as the world turns” drops.

And then crosscheck to see if Maggie Haberman published articles on those days.

Q says it’s a marker, so if we’re making a Maggie<->Wendy connection, perhaps that’s what it means?

This is just speculation. Again, I’d have to check, and I can’t do that at the moment.

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