Privatization and the Militarization of the Deep State


by Gordon Duff, New Eastern Outlook:

After 9/11, the Bush administration in Washington restructured the United States. Few noticed the real goal of “privatization” of military, intelligence and even basic roles of judiciary, police and governance oversight. It was sold under the guise of “neo-conservatism.”

Something else entirely happened, the “non-election” of Bush, like the “non-election” of Trump, obviously rigged, obviously an “inside job,” was a Deep State coup d’état.

The story here will be new, not just to basic readers interested in world affairs or “conspiracy theory,” but new to too many in governments around the world who saw it happen, failed to comprehend and now find themselves awash in a world controlled by a Deep State that has “ambushed” the entire world. We begin.

The current US occupation of Northern Syria and its multifaceted aspects is a model for Deep State operations. There are public or rather “admitted” aspects, and there are Deep State aspects as well, which tell a story that can’t be ignored. If the US can aid the Kurds in the conquest of their Arab neighbors and set up a base of operations for US policy in the Middle East – yes, we mean “continued war,” bad as that sounds – then this is the overt or “admitted” goal.

The US has been open about continued war and taking down Iran, Syria and pushing for renewed control of Iraq. This is unquestioned and follows any number of long-term operational goals described as globalist or neo-colonial. There is also the school that describes it as Zionist in service of “Greater Israel;” all are correct to an extent, if one is to take what is shown and never look further.

To move forward, there is going to have to be a general agreement on what the Deep State really is. Obviously, it is power and its goal is war, destabilization, exploitation, debt slavery and human suffering, that is inexorable. What is not obvious is that the real Deep State is the author or rather parent of all conspiracy theories itself, the controller or parent of all opposition and the Master of Information, all information – all forms, all origins, all culture, all news, everything.

The Deep State decides who is smeared, who is famous, who goes to jail, who is invaded, who is murdered, how the stock markets work, and if our sources are correct, when acts of terrorism and mass murder occur, when planes crash, even when natural events such as those that lead to the untold nuclear terror that Fukushima released, simply “happen.”

We are also told that fake conspiracy theories are created and that some events are staged simply to distract the public, while a broader plan of world dominance moves forward quietly or noisily or entirely unreported and unnoted, if the Deep State desires. As we now sadly notice, public opinion can not exist unless public opinion is reported; and it is the Deep State that tells us all how we collectively react to the machinations of the Deep State.

As for defining, we can not establish a birthday for the Deep State but rather times when events passed beyond the realm of coincidence or simple determinism.

When William of Orange invaded the British Isles in 1689, it became clear that the old Britain had come to an end and that a continental power that would use Britain as a base of operations against the world itself had come into being.

As is so often the case, with “William III” came a central bank of “continental” ownership, a sea of debt and paper currency. In fact, the European invasion represented by William was “legalized” as a debt collection for loans the House of Stuart had taken to finance its survival in externally manipulated civil wars, like the color revolutions of the day. The nearly 3,000,000 guilders the Stuarts borrowed, they got from the Deep State, even then, the precursor of events that would hand the “enforcer” mantle to the United States.

This happened in 1913, when President Wilson, in direct contravention of America’s constitution, accepted a European-owned central bank to control currency and debt. That debt today is $21,000,000,000,000; and from that date forward, America increasingly became both less democratic and more centralized, more militarized and the “policeman of the world” on behalf of the same banking families that financed William III’s invasion of England in 1689.

Taking the clock forward to 9/11, we enter a new level of audacity. What we write here will not have been seen, will be known by few and will answer some important questions that most likely are only asked in private and at the highest levels.

The coup, as we are describing it, in 2000, had its roots in an unnamed conspiracy. There was no Deep State, not one discussed, only groups like the “Illuminati” or “Skull and Bones” or the “Freemasons” or the “Rothschild” banking house. Americans chased their own tales looking at the military industrial complex or the Israel lobby that began dominating Washington under the Reagan Administration and its love affair with “Christian Zionism” and similar religious heresies.

The picture became clearer, however, as the Soviet Union fell apart and trillions in assets fell into the hands of the Deep State, creating what some analysts, whose names will never be told, see as a watershed in world events. Suddenly hundreds of nuclear weapons hit the market, trillions in cash and tens of thousands of the most hardcore criminals in the history of the world became the powerbrokers of London, Moscow, Tel Aviv and New York. No government could stand against them; they began buying intelligence agencies, the world’s media outlets and, from that day forward, all news, all history, all “truth” was fake, everything fake, as it is today, all fake, all illusion.

From a military standpoint, one move stands out. It was the cabal of Cheney and Rumsfeld, prime Deep State operatives, as Vice President and Defense Secretary under moronic George W. Bush, that “offloaded” as it were, the command structure of the Pentagon.

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